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Lobster Chair- 02.09.08

lobsterchair.jpgLobster Chair! Designed by Lund & Paarmann for the Verikon Furniture. Fun how this chair feel part egg shaped coziness, protected by a woody exoskeleton with the plush leather within. “The shell is laminated, bend wood with a walnut veneer at the back. Inside the shell we have used Pantera foam, as it is very durable and probably the least damaging foam regarding our environment. The swivel base is chrome-plated steel. The fabrics and the leather we are using for Lobster are of the very best quality.”


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3 Notes

Love the lobster chair!

----- Sandra Jarvis 12.04.10 16:16

there is something about this chair that reminds me of the classic eames chair for herman miller. i think it’s the swivel and the black leather with wood panel backing. it’s pretty, for sure.

----- josh t 11.02.08 22:05

Heh, just spied this image on ffffound.com, what a small web!


----- The Slapster 09.02.08 16:40

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