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The Slacker Chair- 02.29.08

slackerchair.jpg Ok perhaps chair wasn’t quite the right word for the Slacker… its really Fredrik Olsson and and Sam Sihvonen’s Slacker ‘throne’… part throwback to viking times… part wide comfy lounger… and part gamer etchings? With wooden engraved skulls and “Game Over” messaging along the side, there’s no mistaking this for an ancient relic. Fredrik Olsson and Sam Sihvonen are currently attending the master program at the School of Design and Crafts at Göteborg University in Sweden, and this piece was just exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair… “Our aim was to try pushing the usual design furniture aesthetics to a more personalized look and load it with sentimental value. We have based the design on how we as teenagers sat while playing video games or acting as slackers. The chair is low with a stretched out upholstered seat. The design mix the styles of Scandinavian crafted woodwork with video games aesthetics resembling an Egyptian pharaoh throne.” Only thing i think is missing? Perhaps some fabric options and a side table with engraved cheat codes and holsters for your various controllers (and your beer?). See close ups after the jump!




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How much and will a sofa be available soon?

----- sublime 01.03.08 20:25

so, all I have to wonder is…Where can I get one?

----- that guy 29.02.08 18:32

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