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A Measuring Gaggle- 01.16.08

measuringcup.jpgOn adorable twists to the usual measuring cups, i was looking for the black and white giraffe measuring cups on black.white.bliss and they don’t seem to be on the Anthropologie site anymore… perhaps you can get lucky in a store (picture after the jump of the adorableness!)… but while looking i did find this nestable gaggle of geese measuring cups!


Here’s the one that was over at black.white.bliss!

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I bought the geese measuring cups from anthro a little while back. I love them. AND they’re dishwasher and microwaveable safe.

----- krisserin 24.01.08 11:29

Oh my! I had those geese in my very first apartment about 15 years ago!
thanks for the post!

----- annie 17.01.08 12:50

those little giraffes are by far my favorite thing i picked up over the holidays! yes, i got them at a brick-and-mortar anthropologie; they were $28 for the set of 5 and they also had in a color set, which is just as cute. thanks for the link!

----- jhayne 16.01.08 08:39

Those look fun, I like ‘em. ;-)

----- Chris Meisenzahl 16.01.08 05:22

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