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DayNa Decker Chandels- 02.12.08

decker1.jpgDayNa Decker makes some breathtaking Candles - i mean Chandels. What’s the difference? According to their site, it’s their patent pending wood wicks, which not only create mesmerizing wide flames, but also crackle like a wood fire. They are also handmade right here in LA! The come in a range of sizes, from the perfect size to line around your bathtub, to huge centerpieces, they will certainly set the mood. I’m personally most drawn to the layering of the black within the solid clear glass candle… see a plethora of images after the jump!






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You can buy these candles at:

----- Sylvia 06.05.08 12:45

Dayna Decker actually patented the wood wick technology and sold her proprietary patented technology to VirginaCandle which makes the wood wick for a lower end clientele. It is the same technology, although the Dayna Decker Brand is higher end sold in Saks Fifth Avenue, high end boutiques, ect. I was given a Dayna Decker candle as a present and I am absolutely addicted. I’ve never seen such beautiful and unique candles in my life!

----- Sylvia 06.05.08 12:43

You can get these on Amazon

----- BM 27.02.08 14:42

They’re gorgeous, and the scents are very appealing. And let’s see— for only $320 I could parade a skimpy line of the smallest down one side of my bathtub! Hmmmm…..

----- aulaire 21.02.08 10:50

Cory, sorry that i didn’t have enough info ~ if you click the link to the DayNa Decker site in the post, you can see all of the info they provide on their products, as well as their e-boutique where you can in fact purchase through.

----- jean/NOTCOT 13.02.08 19:31

you mention no retailer to buy this???? where can someone get these candles? Nice article. AMAZING product…. but not enough info.

----- cory brian 13.02.08 14:44

Those are nice, but the wood isn’t a new thing really. I was given a woodwick candle for my birthday over a year ago - and the crackling is really soothing. (although my husband thinks it sounds like radio static!).


----- RB 13.02.08 09:05

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