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The Dirt on Notcot?- 11.22.05

dirt.pngNotcot got press… Dave Burdick of the Boulder Dirt did a feature article on Josh Spear (joshspear.com), and in the process emailed me to see what Notcot was all about as well. Congrats to Josh… its a nice article giving you all more background on him and his new endeavors. As for Notcot, well it gives away a little bit more about where i am and what i’m doing.

….. here’s the little excerpt on notcot…..

Other hunters

Spear lives in one of the Internet’s gated communities; many others do similar work, but many more don’t have the interest and passion for it and the vast majority simply don’t have the means.

Jean Aw, 22, says that she and Spear met through their blogs, which have some overlapping content. Aw writes NotCot.com from Southern California, where she freelance designs for a San Diego ad agency. She describes the blog as “a visual filtration of ideas, aesthetics and amusement” - things that catch her eye and that she wants to share with her design-happy friends.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised that so many people have been viewing and linking it daily,” she says, “but ultimately it remains uninfluenced by anyone but myself.”

While her blog might have some of the same types of jet-setting design observations (she did recently get her MA in interaction design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy), Aw says she’s not actively seeking larger audiences, unlike Spear, who makes money from the advertising.

She blogs for herself and for her friends, and spends a lot of time checking out a long list of other blogs on technology, design, trends and a wide range of other things daily.

The perspectives given by trend blogger like Spear and Aw - who work together on the Charles & Marie project - come from unusually lucky and motivated folks who take full advantage of their time and resources. The resulting content outruns style content in print or broadcast media and trumps reality television because even if Web viewers can’t afford to live the published lifestyles or buy the promoted gadgetry, art and apparel, just wondering what these fortunate few will do next is a draw in itself.

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