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Dracones- 01.22.06

This is today’s inspiring texture/pattern i found - at the market mayhem of many stalls i wandered across a dragon fruit and had to try it - it was just such a gorgeous fruit - low and behold i fell in love with the black and white fleshy interior when i sliced it open - the taste was not so interesting but the design of this incredible fruit is just beautiful - imagine flash frozen slices as coasters? or duplicating that pattern for a wallpaper? i might have to get some high quality scans of thin slices of this sometime this trip. Read more about dragon fruits here - its part of the cactus family.

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I actually got to try that fruit when I was in HK a few years back and our entire family fell in love with it. We found some at the local Asian market here in the US which were frozen and when we tried to eat it, the flesh was totally pulpy and disgusting and the flavor was totally gone - nothing like what we tasted in HK!

----- susan 01.02.06 16:08

i see u’re exploring local delicacies? hehe
its acutally one of my fave fruits. its got this subtle sweetness to it, gets sweeter as u eat more.
i love it, plus it looks so interesting as a fruit! the vibrant colour, and the cute sesame-looking flesh. yum!

----- ser 24.01.06 09:03

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