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Voting now on .ORG- 06.30.06

VOTING! and Chronological vs. Popular Sort options. So here’s a quick little collage to get you going… its in like pre-alpha modes - we whipped it up last night in about an hour - just for kicks. B/c we’re just like that. Also when you click on a NAME - you can see all the posts from that person. Lots of bugs possibly, maybe not, so let me know - but in a nutshell you see your possible rollovers in red up there - click the heart to vote on it - click it again to unvote. But i didn’t feel like having it say vote - so it’s NICE! and NOT NICE. Anyhow for all of you who read, but don’t post, you can vote and it becomes slightly more interactive. NOTCOT.org

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Wow! I’m impressed. We were just talking about this yesterday, and then blammo! you can now sort|filter|vote… kudos to you and Dan for putting this together so fast.

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