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ThisNext is Growing- 08.04.06

Sticker marketing - Lots have tried it - ThisNext is taking that to the next level. The basic concept is that when you love something, you sticker it - but unlike those Coolhunted and Lucky Magazine (yes/no/maybe) stickers - these work digitally (you can add your own text blurb and one of these stickers will appear on your product image) as well as physically (see below for pictures of the just released ThisNext stickers). They are about shopcasting and picking the best products you use/want/love. For those of you who pay close attention… this is the side project i’ve been writing for and official launch is coming, but not quite yet. So be patient.

How cute are these Buzzy Mini Pots for schwag giveaways? ThisNext was giving these out at BlogHer this weekend, and i just got a few over at the office. Its a great way to add a little life to our desktops.

I’m a sucker for conceptually transcending that digital to physical boundary. If it’s about shopping, bring it back to the real world - if its about marking/picking what you love, do it in real life too! While we finish up the private beta, these promo stickers let people start marking their favorites now - sticking them on real products around the house - at a friends - anywhere really. It’s nice they didn’t force the word ThisNext onto it… [if you’re interested in getting some to sticker your world with, and want to submit pics of what you love, drop me an email, and i’ll see what i can do]

Also, while giving you the ThisNext schwag-so-far tour - they also made some shirts - basically they are fun little stickers - and the url on the back, printed on American Apparel Organic tees. I think as far as schwag branding, it was a cute move to go organic and have the little pots as giveaways…

[oh, so these photos, since the white and grey on organic are hard to shoot well, i threw them over my studio display so you get a bit of backlighting… you get the idea!]

Here’s the women’s front.

Here’s the women’s back.

The men’s front, is a bit cleaner than the women’s going with simply the logo centered on the chest.

Men’s back has the stickers and url like the women’s.

ThisNext is coming soon. And its going to be fun (especially for all of you designers, who are shoppers by nature, whether you buy or not, you are constantly consuming and curating everywhere you go. Or i do anyhow). Shopcasting just might change your life, empty your wallet, or become the new way to do product research. But shush* i can’t say more right now…

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