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Let the Shopcasting Begin- 08.21.06

Thisnextlaunch.jpgI promised more info earlier when i showed you the goodies that ThisNext was giving out - and here it is. As of now, ThisNext is officially launched! See the official press release here.

How does this effect NOTCOT - well we’re trying something new in collaboration with them… Scroll down - below the gallery tags - and you see the 50 most recent NOTCOT PIcks! This is your opportunity to show us what you love - what you own - what you recommend - and shopcast it here on NOTCOT. Here’s the deal - if you are playing/shopping on ThisNext and you make a pick/recommendation (i recommend using the bookmarklet, too much work otherwise) - tag it NOTCOT and it will show up below. Just like that… like magic!

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