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Post VDAY- 02.16.06

Shade Elaine was telling me about this anti-valentine’s day pillow fight flash mobbing that happened in SF - i wish i was there - Perhaps the most amusing thing to us though, was not the concept of the pillow fight so much, as the number of people still using down pillows… or does synthetic really float and fluff like that as well? Either way, pillow fights - they aren’t just for fantasies of slumber parties anymore. We need more of them and frequently - can you imagine how much stress reduction could come of this? Read more about it here in the SF Gate. Also a flash napping occured in the center of this pillow fight at one point. And i am also amazed that the fighters also helped clean up all the debris post-pillow-war. My faith in humanity is slightly heightened today.

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haha. i love that comment. Thanks smileeez, and i think your town is definitely due for a pillow fight!

----- notcot 17.02.06 11:12

More people in a pillow fight than in my home town. It is a Happy day

----- Smileez 17.02.06 09:02

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