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Fortune from me- 02.27.06

fortune-sm.jpgHey here’s my present to you for the moment, a took a quick picture of it, but it’s now big enough to print out and cut out and try it out. So tempt fate and see what life has in store for you… with Wheel 1: we have the simple yes/no and a number to carry over to wheel 2. Wheel 2: first letter of your future spouses name (giving that apple stem/soda can top method a run for its money). Wheel 3: spouse’s profession, ok now i just can’t get over these icons. esp handicraft and engineer. Wheel 4: best of all how many KIDS you will have… scares me that it goes up to 12, in ADDITION to the twins and triplets. Anyhow, here’s a postcard i found. Ahhh 1810 people, lets just say i’m glad its 2006.

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