NOTCOT loves your goods. Our audience loves your goods. So why not go directly to our picky, design appreciating audience, and show us what you've got?


These spaces have been specially designed to be eye catching to readers, and to maintain the integrity of our site, we will feature products and stores that match our tastes. Additionally to the two options above, we now also feature 300x250px floater ads on the main page, and 468x60px banners on and internal pages of NOTCOT.

NOTCOT reaches a few thousand international design/shopping lovers daily, and we work hard to provide a daily dose of that which inspires, or which we desperately crave... but realizing it's a big world/internet and we can't find it all, we are now inviting you to advertise with us, and to help us bring the latest designs to readers. INTERESTED?

NOTCOT GALLERY additionally we will occaisionally have NOTCOT Gallery showings, of featured designers for a few days a month, hanging new art on the tags to share with readers and art lovers. Stay tuned about this one, it's still in the works... or if you're interested in showing at the NOTCOT GALLERY,

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