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Clandestine- 04.26.06

So apparently Fall Out Boy guys have their own clothing line “Clandestine Industries” and they like bats - like old school Batman bats… and they too have a Razor necklace (only it has a bat in the middle!). And for some reason, today the whole idea of having super powers and then exposing them via indie hoodie makes me giggle… and no, love can’t save you. But yes, super powers can. [feeling a bit cynical on the love today, sorry]

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OMG u have tha best clothing line EVER!!!! don’t change it… do u knw anywhere i can get sme cloths by u guys?? i’m really trying to find sme, but i haven’t found any.

----- izabella 24.01.09 13:23

LUV YA LOADS PETE!!!!!!! I luv Fall out boy 2!!!!! U R ALL THEM BEST!!!! U ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!! Oh & I luv the clothes!!!!! Luv ya!!!!!

----- XXXLeahXXX 27.09.08 09:56

That is some sweet clothing but im too poor tho get that kind of clothing but my B-day is coming up in my so who knows??
By the way love you Pete and say hi to the rest of the band…

----- Belinda 02.04.08 07:33

pete wentz,, is that u who made those hoodies, clothes, and necklace designs???? i love it so much… pete,, ilove u so much.. u knw wat?? guess im the biggest fan of u from the whole world!! oh ya, one more thing,,, dont 4get to come to indonesia again.. i miss u!!

----- nazneen wentz 24.01.08 02:46

pete nesesito q traigas tu ropa a ARGENTINA

----- martina 30.11.07 13:30

where can we get thease from?? luv the red hoodie!

not as much as i love pete tho! :)

----- LaUrA dAvIeS 27.11.07 05:10

I love Fall Out Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pete Wentz is soooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I went 2 there concert on 11/09/07 and omg they were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a hoodie there but I couldn’t get it, cause I didn’t have enough money. But i have been looking all over for it, but i can’t find it. It’s black with the bat but the bat is orange. Help Please if you can…………
cold in Milford, NH

----- missy 26.11.07 08:14

Where can i buy these things, I love you pete!!!!
have and always will. I want that tattoo it is so awsome.

----- paige 15.11.07 20:00

Dude i think tht ur clothing line is kickarse. And they are sweet yo. Esp. the hoodies they are frickn sweet. Dnt change tht.

----- Meo 28.10.07 03:24

petes clothes are the best ever!

----- destiny 26.10.07 20:46


----- NotImportant 14.10.07 16:38

OMG!! i love pete wentz and i hope he keeps up the good job with the company and i hope he keeps rocking on with fall out boy and i hope maby one day he wont marry ashley simson:[ or how ever you spell her last name

----- clandestine shawna 11.10.07 13:58

joe,andy, pete e patrick i love you guys!! you’re awesom! please come in italy!!! can i buy you’re clothes here in italy? #sere#

----- serena 11.10.07 13:15

pete wentz is hot

----- vanessa 02.10.07 18:29

omg i freakin love you pete wentz u are so freakin awesome and sexeh…lovin the clothes me and brittiane love u so much..l8terz

----- Danielle 01.10.07 07:59

I have that red jacket its aws0m3!!

----- Bobbiy 25.09.07 17:00

pete wentz ur clothes r so HOTT!!!!! i love them P.S ur hott too
P.P.S im goin to ur concert at MSG 4 my 13th b day!

----- Paige 15.09.07 14:26


----- Brittany 10.08.07 17:36

I LOVE PETE WENTZ MORE THAN ANY OF YA’LL! and i love his clothes. do not change them!

----- Brittany lunsford 16.07.07 13:57

Pete Wentz is cut and so is his clothing line i’m a big fan.

----- jasmine white 11.07.07 13:47

i lov pete wentz he’s a major hottie i’m his number one fan

----- Anonymous 10.07.07 13:46

I love the hoodies that you wear pete!

----- Crystal 10.06.07 10:40

omg i

Ohh emm geeee!!!! I luvh u so much pete!!! i luvh all of u!!!!! but seriously, patrick - lay off the pie. u look hott as an action figure though….. so yea. ily all so much. btw, i dont really see upside down….~*~ lumpy~*~

----- nutty & lumpy 04.06.07 10:33


----- LAUREN 29.05.07 14:01

I luv pete wentz clothing line “Clandestine”. And he iss so frickin sexy!! I luv pete wentz clothing line “Clandestine”. And he iss so frickin sexy!!

----- Erin..&..Dayna 19.05.07 18:59

pete you are de best man in the world and your clothes is the best but don´t you think that your clothes can sale in mexico? I realy want buy your clothes

Pete tu eres el mejor hombre en la tierra y tu ropa es la mejor pero no crees que se pueda vender en méxico? yo realmente quiero comprar tu ropa

----- eRaNdI 18.05.07 09:26

you are a very cute man and i love you so much plis never change

----- eRaNdI 18.05.07 09:11

i love the hoody

where can i buy it?

lovin pete more than you huys

----- lauren 14.05.07 00:22

Love u pete wentz

----- Anne-fre 20.04.07 15:11

I like pete wentz

----- jessica bersson 12.04.07 06:06

man i love the cloths they rock out lound!! DONT CHANGE EMM!!

----- dannie salisbury 10.04.07 10:59

Just in case you didn’t know, the “Only my new powers can” line is from Star Wars. Anakin says it to Padme, but then later chokes her. =P

----- Jon 06.12.06 12:44

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