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Great Laundry- 04.23.06

Ok so here are photos of Great Laundry - the japanese tshirt company’s first american store. Gorgeous displays and the quality of these shirts blow away my usual American Apparels and most others i’ve tried recently. All shirts are unisex, but the S fits like something a tiny bit larger than a girls S (and its not too short!). “Laundry USA, Inc. With the theme of (World Peace), Great Laundry put the message in the T-shirts and sending it out to the world… To be a part of lifestyle of the people all over the world is the goal of Great Laundry.” Check out pictures below of the store, the packaging, the sweet skull shirt, and a really fun Samurai shirt i couldn’t resist.

Storefront - playful/earthy yet some how japanesey


Nice packaging - so perfectly folded and plasticized.


Great Skull shirt -


My new Samurai shirt!


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Hey there, I have a Great Laundry shirt that says GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT in blue yellow and pink. Is there a particular name of the font you used? I’m in a typography class and I wanted to use this shirt for a project. If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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