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Forget Me Not- 04.03.06

forgetmenot.jpgNoticed this at The Future Perfect in Brooklyn, then again at Propeller in Hayes Valley, SF, and then recently popping up in mags and design sites- Kiel Mead’s Forget Me Knot ring is another piece that casts an everyday object/idea into precious metals (sterling silver or gold). He’s an undergrad Pratt ID student. You’ve also probably seen his bent keys rings around - which remind me a lot of that bent spoon/fork handle jewelry you see at art fairs.

note to self: need one of these to remind me not to forget things i see wandering around for notcot.

3 Notes

i love this ring where can i get one?

----- evelyn 18.03.08 21:04

Love this ring!

----- Hannah 28.02.08 20:43

That would be a sweet promise ring. Very metaphorical.

----- k 14.01.08 13:30

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