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Headphones + Samurai- 04.23.06

I was at the Earth Day festivities at the LAB and the CAMP in the OC… (ah, so many caps to be had there). While i pop by there often between LA and SD trips, it’s been a while lately and i came across this new store Laundry, fresh from Japan, first one in the states. More to come on that in the next post actually about their shirts… but check out this sweet headphone necklace - and below you MUST see this really awesome Samurai Figurine.

Adorable isn’t it?


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wow i adsolutly love love love that headphone neclace! its adorable !

----- amanda 17.05.07 17:21

Hey! So cool that I found your blog! My husband just returned with the little black dude with the J on his belly from Great Laundry! I’m trying to get more info on this little guy (now sits atop my computer screen.) Love him.
Do you have any more info? I’m 1/2Japanese and my name starts w/J so he thought it would be a funky fun little guy to hang with me while I write. Check out my blog. I’m puttin a photo of him on..

----- jacqueline 01.05.06 21:16

Someyears ago…I bought these exactly headphone necklace whice sold everywhere at Jatujak weekend market in Bangkok for about not more than 2 euro…..Japense are always the biggest customers of this market…I’m not surprise seeing these headphone necks selling here…

----- snoop 25.04.06 05:46

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