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Goorin- 05.01.06

“The Goorin Hat is the ultimate mark of individuality, style, and status. Since the first Goorin Hat was sold off a horse cart in Pittsburg, PN in 1895, Goorin Brothers has redefined the art of hat making.” That is how the story of their history begins, and its a fascinating read both literally and visually, and the hats are stunning (and apparently being worn by all sorts of celebs these days)… But why i’m posting them is for their BAGs i discovered today, stumbled upon these down at Animal House in Venice Beach today, and they are incredibly well made and full of character. The little design details from the clasps to the linings and most importantly the great fabrics they use - make it well worth the mere 40$ it cost. I was torn between the “Chewie” fuzzy bag and the “Bunny” pin striped fabric bags - both the perfect size/shape for a comfy pillow of a purse that can hold a LOT of stuff (think between messenger bag and tote sized purse) and still be a comfy around the town bag. Ended up getting the Chewie - might have to go back for the other.

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