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Owl Belt- 04.23.06

I met Amy Di LaMarra at today’s GenArt Shop LA event - and fell in love with her owl belt. Tried it on, couldn’t take it off. You know how it goes. I adore the owl design, and was delighted to hear she has all the pieces custom cast. More interesting is that her background is that of a wardrobe artist/stylist in film, music video and theatre - and then launched Kudra in 2003… she has a fascinating bio - “she got a job creating leather costumes for a George Michael video, the experience expanded her understanding of leather craftsmanship and quality.”

I’m currently kicking myself tonight for not having given in and gotten the purse below - what her site doesn’t tell you is that instead of that brass ring you can swap in the buckles (most work well except for my owl which would end up sideways! although that could be interesting) - and have a really unique gorgeous yet temporary combination… and i’m a big fan of something of such high quality giving you that kind of options.


No images of the combination together - but use your imagination - or imagine your own buckles, or those others you’ve seen but never been quite sure how to utilize them other than on your belt!

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