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Prickie- 04.06.06

PRICKIE! Perfect name for what seems to be one of the most beautifully designed unique/artistic button sites, no? Must go check it out, it was my “how have i not seen this before!” find of the day - my source of inspiration for the moment that sent me launching off into sites of designers i found through their fabulous buttons. I love how the images load into the blank button, and all have the 3d effect subtly helping them POP.

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the name works magic big time!i made ma 1st music hit in ghana,w/africa under the name prickie.we’ve got a miracle on our hands!

----- prickie yhardhe 20.08.07 05:51

How good is Prickie!? I was so inspired I had to put some of my own up. I wasn’t sure if I was submitting them properly so I only put a few up but there’ll be more in a week or so… Check it out! E-mail me if you like them ‘cos I need all the encouragement I can get!

----- N.E.I.L. 23.06.06 06:07

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