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The Macallan NOTCOT Edition

maclab0.jpg This morning, we attempted to create our ideal whisky from (amongst others) the samples we collected from 12 year old casks of The Macallan. Bob Dalgarno, The Macallan Whisky Maker, taught us so much about the art of whisky making, and the complicated challenge of smelling, tasting, and seeing how to make the perfect bottles of The Macallan, to that perfect smell/taste/color we’ve come to know and love. As he explained the difficulty of making something so consistent from so many varying casks of whisky, and even deciding which casks are decided to be set aside to age longer and such ~ the most creative aspect to emerge was his challenge to us to smell the differences between an array of samples to attune our palates… only to ask us to create in our minds… our ideal whisky. What does it smell like? What does it taste like? What does it make you think of?

And from that, The Macallan NOTCOT Edition was born… can it ever be recreated? Probably not. But i have one little bottle of it! I apparently like my scotch smooth with a deliciously dark maple flavor amidst the spicy woody spanish sherry oak… (Macallan 18 is my everyday favorite ~ but the upcoming Masters of Photography series, omg, deliciousness)… in my head i imagined a cozy comforting log cabin, and since it was early, on not too much sleep, and after a light breakfast… i was loving the maple aromas, i think i had pancakes on my mind…

Anyhow, it is unbelievably hard trying to decipher the aromas, figuring out which samples to mix, finding the right notes to layer for that drinkable delicious whisky with a nice long finish… but we tried. And bonus points to Evan from Cool Hunting who was definitely the whisky maker with the most potential in our group! His smelled divine! And delicious too! Don’t get me wrong, NOTCOT edition is yummy as well ~ my bottle of that is coming home with me! It was incredibly fun and fascinating to play with the awesome syringes to mix samples in our bottles, measure the percentage of alcohol, taste test, and more ~ while i’m no master whisky maker in the making, i definitely have a new appreciation for exactly how much work is going into even just mixing the right casks to make the bottles that show up on the shelf! But, that’s enough rambling for now ~ you really must see how incredible The Macallan lab/Bob’s office is! And the process we went through making our own Macallan whisky ~ all on the next page!

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Sampling The Macallan

warehouseMAIN.jpg SO! As you probably know by now, The Macallan has me out in scotland, exploring and learning and playing with all things scotch. In fact, they’ve kept me so excitedly busy, it’s been hard to find enough time to process and post! Or even figure out where to start… so here’s how its going to go, i’ll share the most unique bits as i can! And one of the most exciting places to start is ~ SAMPLING!

With so many thousands of casks in so many warehouses with all these slight variations in wood, in atmosphere, in unexplained magical natural occurrences that may make even casks from the same batch differ in flavor, colors, and more, the only way to find and create the perfect single malt is through sampling, tasting, and keeping an eye on each cask as the whisky within matures over time (so anywhere from 5 years to decades?)… on amazingly awesome experiences, we got to go along with the Macallan boys (Thanks, Jim and Gary, and apologies for the times i accidentally squirted whisky on you!) and actually get our hands dirty and help do the sampling! From drilling holes, pumping out samples, filling vials, (maybe sneaking a taste here and there) and plugging the hole! See the process we experienced in the warehouse on the next page!

p.s. The picture above? Can you believe that is the Macallan 1964 that is filling the Lalique Cire Perdue - This 1946 cask became 64 years old in January 2010!

p.p.s. i can’t even begin to tell you how incredible these warehouses smell.

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Inspirations: Textures in Food

foodtext.jpg Here’s the forth post in our Inspiration series! Sponsored by Veer.com ~ we get to have some fun and go image researching across the internet around random themes inspiring us at the moment.. and share what we find! This time fascination with food textures close up has lead to this album being made on Veer!!! And leo helped round up some amazing close up looks at food close up that’s been inspiring us across the web ~ perhaps its Tasteologie that has food on the mind lately ~ but the intersection of food and design is so beautifully inspiring! See it all on the next page!

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Lemons Sprouting in Lemons

crazylemon1.jpg Yes, lemon seeds sometimes sprout INSIDE the humongous lemons on my lemon tree back in LA. Just got these pics from Linhchi over there of the THIRD lemon we’ve found this happen in. (Remember the first one?) This time it is even sprouting some serious roots… so i had to share the pics as i stare in amazement. We’re debating whether to plant it in the ground, or try to stick it back in the lemon to see how much further it will go… see more pics on the next page!

Update - it’s incredible! She found 3 more in the next 5 she cut ~ and they have multiple sprouts going! She is the sproutmaster.

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IKEA + Carl Kleiner = Hembakat är Bäst

ikeafood00.jpg Apparently IKEA has released what may be the coolest styled ingredients cookbook ~ “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade is Best). Filled with 30 recipes for baked goodies broken down by ingredient… i’d love to see this in person! Rumor has it that it’s free in swedish IKEAs? (Anyone have one? or an extra?) The photos by Carl Kleiner are absolutely amazing! Don’t laugh, but its been quite the mystery guessing from the precise geometrically laid out ingredients what these pictures might MAKE! So much google image searching as i guess and see! (Don’t worry, i’ve put the google image search links in for you, so you can play along at home as well!) See the images i found at Carl Kleiner’s site on the next page ~ and if you have a copy, or can help me find a copy, do drop me a comment? Thanks!!!

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foodparc0.jpg FoodParc just opened in NYC at 6th Ave and 29th Street ~ it’s like a high tech foodcourt of sorts, and Anna and Sean of Sub-Studio popped by to take a look for us! Of course they also tasted a bunch of food for us too.. and it sounds like quite the unique bacon-fest! From Bacon Snack and Hash browns with bacon and cheddar and onions inside to Benton’s Smoked Bacon Egg Rolls and Steamed Shrimp, Bacon & Watercress Dumplings… luckily there were also beautiful juices and flatbread sandwiches to even it out as well! “FoodParc is a serious, yet fun, accessible culinary destination. It has 4 distinctly different food and beverage concepts and a full-service bar that includes: The Press, RedFarm Stand, Fornetti, and 3Bs (Burgers, Bacon, and Beer)” The Press is you go to cafe, RedFarm Stand is an asian concept with a twist by Joe Ng of Chinatown Brasserie, Fornetti has italian salads, sandwiches, pastas and more, and 3Bs is exactly as it sounds! All housed in a 20,000 square foot indoor/outdoor, modern space ~ futurist and conceptual designer, Syd Mead (of Blade Runner, Aliens, and TRON) created the environment… and it’s no surprise that in addition to old school ordering, you can also order from all 4 restaurants at once at the self serve monitors! Take a peek at it all on the next page…

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Kozyndan Sea Hares Tea Set

kozycup1.jpg Beautiful! What cup of coffee or tea wouldn’t transcend being a mere drink (as delicious as it may be) when served in this cup and saucer? Especially when you reach the sad end of the cup, only to find that last little splash of the bunny whirlpool? Previously, came the Click for Art espresso cups & saucers, which i adore at home! And this second series, they are going for larger tea/coffee cups & saucers! First releases in series 2 are Kozyndan “Sea Hares”, Ron English “Abraham Obama”, and Jon Burgerman “In the Park” ~ each being made in a limited edition run of 250 by ClickForArt. Like the previous set, they come beautifully boxed and with a little limited edition signed print… see more pictures on the next page!

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Liqurious Roundup

liqurious #4745 liqurious #4730 liqurious #4780 liqurious #4778 liqurious #4733 liqurious #4738 liqurious #4770 liqurious #4753 liqurious #4751 liqurious #4763 liqurious #4748 liqurious #4752 liqurious #4755 liqurious #4746 liqurious #4759 liqurious #4747 liqurious #4766 liqurious #4732 liqurious #4734 liqurious #4742 liqurious #4781 liqurious #4731 liqurious #4776 liqurious #4750 liqurious #4767

Drool over another gorgeous week at Liqurious with our biweekly roundup. To find out more about each delectable drink, just click the individual image.

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The Geometry of Pasta

geometryofpasta0.jpg The Geometry of Pasta ~ The Perfect Shape. The Perfect Sauce. I’m in love with this book. Geometric shapes ~ flat black and white graphics ~ its even perfect for babies! And you get the history of various pasta shapes as well as sauce recipes that pair perfectly with its exquisite shape. “The Geometry of Pasta pairs over 100 authentic recipes from critically acclaimed chef, Jacob Kenedy, with award-winning designer Caz Hildebrand’s stunning black-and-white designs to reveal the science, history and philosophy behind spectacular pasta dishes from all over Italy. A stunning fusion of design and food, The Geometry of Pasta tells you everything you need to know about cooking and eating pasta like an Italian.”

It’s really such a beautifully designed book, and everyone from college kids who may just be toying with feeding themselves to chefs, would have a great time with this one, it’s definitely going on my list for fun designer gifts. I’ve never unwrapped a book and been so tempted to frame up the dust jacket, but this one is just stunning!

Awesome teaser? “Plans are underway to launch a series of products inspired by The Geometry of Pasta featuring the distinctive graphic style used in the book, from an iphone app to kitchenwares and a range of pastas and sauces.”

So take a look at some of my favorite pages in the book on the next page! As well as a giant chart of pasta shapes!

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Tasteologie Roundup

tasteologie #1140 tasteologie #1393 tasteologie #1359 tasteologie #1339 tasteologie #1417 tasteologie #1413 tasteologie #1348 tasteologie #1420 tasteologie #1345 tasteologie #1344 tasteologie #1370 tasteologie #1375 tasteologie #1439 tasteologie #1358 tasteologie #1330 tasteologie #1437 tasteologie #1433 tasteologie #1442 tasteologie #1381 tasteologie #1356 tasteologie #1342 tasteologie #1360 tasteologie #1350 tasteologie #1397 tasteologie #1402 A week into the world of Tasteologie and it has been SO fun exploring the intersection of food & design ~ or perhaps you can call it a study on the design OF food? Beyond recipes and posts we love around the web ~ there have been unique food gadgets and products, unexpected discoveries like Starbucks moon cakes, inhaleable fruit experiences, nacho infographics and more! As with all roundups ~ click the pics above to find out more!

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Veuve Clicquot Harvest: The Food

harvest0.jpg It’s harvest time of year! And the nice folks at Veuve Clicquot brought me out to Paris/Reims once again for harvest ~ and blame it on Tasteologie, with food on the mind, i just had to share with you some of the yummier side of laborious grape picking Veuve style! For the look at the whole Harvest process, check out these pics from last year. And this year we had cheeky, chic black Harvest Staff tee shirts ~ most amusing of course was watching how the fashionable crowd immediately took to our limited resources out on the vineyard to start cutting them up with grape cutting shears to personalize them… so browse on to the next page to see a peek at what the food is like throughout the day… a slight twist on what “real” harvesters eat throughout the season…

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Breakfast in my Hatch at Tremoille

hatch1.jpg It’s the details that get me… like, given the option to have breakfast “Placed in your hatch” while at Hotel Tremoille in Paris ~ how can you NOT select it? And it’s AMAZING! So from the outside of the room, there are two doors, the main one you go in, and a half width one that’s just mysterious. From the inside, there’s a door next to the main door that opens to what feels like a closet with some shelves… Well, come morning, you hear a door open (which could be next door!) and then a light knock, and that’s it. It was like waiting for santa to come. Then you run over, open the HATCH, and suddenly, there it is ~ breakfast!

Ah, the simple things in life. So amusing, had to share! Also, it looks like your shoes and laundry may be deposited like that as well… check out pics to make sense of what i’m talking about on the next page!

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Tasteologie Roundup

tasteologie #1165 tasteologie #1273 tasteologie #1135 tasteologie #1216 tasteologie #1245 tasteologie #1288 tasteologie #1111 tasteologie #1250 tasteologie #1121 tasteologie #1296 tasteologie #1173 tasteologie #1162 tasteologie #1097 tasteologie #1244 tasteologie #1088 tasteologie #1129 tasteologie #1253 tasteologie #1187 tasteologie #1154 tasteologie #1172 tasteologie #1251 tasteologie #1297 tasteologie #1234 tasteologie #1208 tasteologie #1276 Just in case you don’t know where to start ~ since we’ve been quietly working on Tasteologie for ages trying to figure out exactly what type of food content fits the NOTCOT lifestyle… there are already over 1300 posts of things we love in there! SO, here’s a roundup of some of my favorites to get you exploring.

p.s. here’s a hint: you can toggle between GRID (normal!) view and Individual Post view by clicking the post number!

p.p.s. can you believe those ravioli looking creatures on the bottom left are really deep fried beer?

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Tasteologie Launching Today!

Tasteologie.jpg It’s here! It’s finally here! I’m so excited, it feels like christmas morning. That giddiness and nervousness officially showing you guys a project we’ve been quietly preparing for some time now… Tasteologie! It’s been a while since we’ve done food properly, and with so many amazing culinary inspirations surfacing across the sites ~ and getting more fascinated by where our food comes from as well as impressive kitchen gadgetry and incredible edible experiences… it was clear we needed to bring back a section dedicated to food here in the NotEmpire!

So take a look at it here ~ Tasteologie!

You can also follow along on Twitter… and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments! As usual, this is a Curated User Submissions site ~ just like NOTCOT.org, NotCouture, and Liqurious ~ so you can submit a post, and our editors go through and clean them up and arrange them to create the inspiring front pages!

Quick shout out to the amazing folks at American Express - particularly the new Zync card! - for being SO supportive of NOTCOT getting back into the culinary side of life! They are definitely a dream partner in launching this, and honestly, i ADORE the ads and the new Zync card design! See the ads over at Tasteologie, they are gorgeous! So, thank you, amex!!!Click Here

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Liqurious Roundup

liqurious #4685 liqurious #4691 liqurious #4700 liqurious #4711 liqurious #4718 liqurious #4697 liqurious #4717 liqurious #4708 liqurious #4699 liqurious #4723 liqurious #4694 liqurious #4698 liqurious #4716 liqurious #4702 liqurious #4695 liqurious #4703 liqurious #4725 liqurious #4715 liqurious #4707 liqurious #4722 liqurious #4701 liqurious #4710 liqurious #4719 liqurious #4724 liqurious #4720

Quench your thirst with this luscious roundup from Liqurious. To find out more about each delectable post, click on its individual image.

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