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Le Creuset Two-in-One Pan

creu0.jpg Le Creuset Two-in-One Pan ~ lusting after these in almost every color… while they have always been gorgeous, the multipurpose nature of the Two-In-One set has won me over. See more pics on the next page!

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Macallan 18 & Shwood Sunglasses

macallanwood0.jpg The latest package that arrived just made me wish i was a dad. How weird is that? This Macallan 18 year & Shwood Sunglass gift set in a gorgeous wood box just arrived as potential Father’s Day gifting ideas… but i love them both! No offense, to Dads, but these should really go on the gift list for Moms, Grads, friends,… any occasion really! The glasses above are Shwood’s Canby in East Indian Rosewood with grey polarized lenses. The only thing that would take this gift set further… if only Shwood and Macallan would truly join forces and make a series of sunglasses from actual Macallan casks. Different woods to go with the various scotches… i’d rock the Sherry Oak Cask sunglasses any day! Take a peek at the awesome packaging and details on the next page!

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Plymouth Pink Gin

plym.jpg So, i sent Tasteologie editor, Jackson, out to the UK with the Plymouth and Beefeater Gin folks… and wow… he just wrote up a feature on their adventures out to Plymouth and literally scooping water out from the absolutely breath taking reservoir to make this cocktail right there on the reservoir wall! Anyhow, you simply must check out the full feature, i can’t stop staring at it.

TO TASTEOLGIE’s “Plymouth Pink Gin Feature”! ——->

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Inside the World of Beefeater Gin

beefeater.jpg On fun new features over at Tasteologie, our culinary editor, Jackson, has been out in London this week exploring the world of GIN! First up is a look inside the world of Beefeater Gin and how it comes to be… pics and video galore!

TO TASTEOLGIE’s “Beefeater Gin Feature”! ——->

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Bruichladdich Organic 2003

bruich1.jpg Beautiful. I couldn’t put the canister and bottle down when i first laid eyes on it ~ the Bruichladdich Organic 2003 Anns An T-Seann Doigh (Gaelic for “In the traditional way”) is a limited edition of 15,000 bottles. Apparently they were the first in the world to have an Organic Islay single malt… and this edition was so delicious, they’ve even created The Organic for full scale release. They have always had such tempting and stunning packaging and typography, but the thin gold illustration (feeling very art deco meets tech styling) on the matte army green bottle is incredible. Coloring free, the whisky itself has a light glow to it ~ and the flavor is definitely on the lighter/fresher side of the spectrum… but even when emptied, this bottle isn’t going anywhere… and that canister would make for an awesome kid’s piggy bank! Ready to take a peek at the packaging details up close? To the next page!

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Tasteologie and Liqurious Roundup

roundup tasteologie #8943 tasteologie #8978 tasteologie #8991 tasteologie #8926 tasteologie #8858 tasteologie #8892 tasteologie #8843 tasteologie #9023 tasteologie #8974 tasteologie #8840 liqurious #5938 liqurious #5937 liqurious #5932 liqurious #5899 liqurious #5929

Whet your appetite with this sumptuous roundup from Tasteologie and Liqurious. To find out more about each of these delectable delights, click on its individual image.

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1800 Tequila Artist Series 3: Lucha Libre

1700wrest0.jpg Box shows up ~ with tequila, luchador mask, shot glasses, and artist poster/cards… of course its 1800 Tequila! Since i missed the Cinco De Mayo wrestling match in NY earlier, this awesome press kit came over, and don’t worry, you can see my friend in the mask looking fierce on the next page (how could i not have SOMEONE try it on?) Designed by our friends at Dead As We Know It, the hand printed box and poster know just how to grab your attention. This third series of Essential Artist Edition 1800 Tequila bottles includes artists: Gary Baseman, Yuko Shimizu, Ray Smith, Tes One, Tristan Eaton, Alex Hank. Ready to take a peek at all the goodies in the kit?

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Glassware Picks: Beer + Scotch

glasses.jpg This series/post is brought to you by Gillette. Learn more about Gillette and its products at Gillette.com. As usual, thoughts and ideas are all NOTCOT, Gillette is sponsoring us to do our thing!

So many choices! And only two hands… not that we are often using them all at once, but it really is SO easy to have special glasses for just about everything… i have cabinets full of glasses in the kitchen, yet somehow always manage to acquire more! Two of our favorite categories that are pretty versatile (yet still have SO many gorgeously, unique options) are definitely for Beers and Scotches. So if you’re ready for the roundup of fun ones (and a few favorites that are in my cabinet at home even!) head over to the next page!

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FruitCity ~ Public Fruit in London

fruitmap0.jpgJust in from the UK ~ Justine just checked out Clerkenwell Design Week!

Love this project, FruitCity by Vahakn Design Studio. I discovered the project at Federal Office’s Political Objects exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week, but found so much more about the project online!

The project is all about taking advantage of a shared community resource, fruit! There is a growing map and network of all the fruit trees in public spaces in London created by the FruitCity team. Who knew you could pick your own mulberries, figs, apples, pears and more!

In addition the map, the project includes three objects for urban fruit farmers: an extendable picking arm, a picking backpack and mobile cider press and a fantastic photos series to show them off.

Such a great community project! Angelenos should check out Fallen Fruit for LA fruit maps.

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Tasteologie + Liqurious Roundup

roundup tasteologie #8361 tasteologie #8264 tasteologie #8261 tasteologie #8268 tasteologie #8386 tasteologie #8404 tasteologie #8334 tasteologie #8392 tasteologie #8182 tasteologie #8399 liqurious #5865 liqurious #5860 liqurious #5862 liqurious #5852 liqurious #5854

A sumptuous roundup of delectable delights from Tasteologie and Liqurious including everything from icecream bombes to rhubarb cordials. To find out more about each post, click on its individual image.

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BTTR Mushrooms Begin!

newshroom1.jpg It’s begun! My Mushroom Kit is growing! Last night there was nothing (visible to the naked eye) ~ this morning? Shroom cluster popped out… somewhere between fascinated and having a hard time imagining these as food… had to get up close with it and share the beginnings with you… there’s even a second lower cluster starting too… take a peek at day one of mushroom madness on the next page.

p.s. and if you need a reminder of how this coffee ground brick in a cardboard box began…

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Golden Mr. Potato Heads at Liberty

potato0.jpg We’re not really sure what’s going on with these yet… but Justine found these Mr. Potato Head’s in the windows of Liberty in London. With a twist ~ paired with designer fashions…. there are literally bags of real potatoes… adorned with gold spray painted Mr. Potato Head parts! See more close ups of the bizarreness on the next page!

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Tasteologie and Liqurious Roundup

roundup tasteologie #8105 tasteologie #7895 tasteologie #7992 tasteologie #7889 tasteologie #8070 tasteologie #8111 tasteologie #7928 tasteologie #8141 tasteologie #7891 tasteologie #7952 liqurious #5837 liqurious #5830 liqurious #5836 liqurious #5821 liqurious #5838

These sumptuous delights from Tasteologie and Liqurious are sure to get your mouth watering. To find out more about each post, click on its individual image.

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Back To The Roots: Mushroom Garden

shroom0.jpg I’ve never grown mushrooms before, but having been hearing about mushroom kits for some time now ~ though often they look like they are growing out of a less than appealing pile of goo in a bag! The Back To The Roots Mushroom Kit just arrived, and i love their box design! So simple and pretty and ready to sit on your kitchen window sill! Back To The Roots is the brainchild of two UC Berkeley students, Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora back in 2009 during their final semester ~ they went from investment banking to full time urban mushroom farmers! Most unique about their kits: their oyster mushrooms grow in 100% recycled coffee grounds! So, while i have no mushrooms yet, having just popped the box open today ~ consider this an unboxing look at the details on how it all starts!

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Pinch Food Design

donut1.jpg This post is part of a NOTCOT series on inspiring, independent design thinking, brought to you by Saab. At Saab, we believe in independent thinking. It’s in everything we do. Learn more here.

On amazing combinations, there’s something awesomely multisensory about the realm of Food Design ~ particularly when it involves not only the food and experience but specially design products to help present them as well! Enter Pinch Food Design from New York - “a bold new brand of catering powered by a state-of-the-art kitchen and design workshop devoted solely to the creation of one-of-a-kind “food furniture.” Led by the groundbreaking chef/designer duo of Bob Spiegel and TJ Girard, the Pinch team is driven by an uncompromising commitment to incite surprise, anticipation and delight with every bite while wowing our clients - and their guests - with imaginative presentation combinations that redefine the art of celebration.” Fun, right? I love the idea of seeing everything from plates and serving ware as “food furniture”! Above is the Apple Cider Donut selection on Spoke tray ~ with each one perfectly presented! Take a peek at more of their creations on the next page…

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