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Favorite Places: 3 Square- 10.27.10

3sq0.jpg NOTCOT’s Favorite Places ~ here’s a new series of posts sharing some of my favorite places in (and around!) Los Angeles! This content series is brought to you by the All-New 2011 Kia Sportage. Welcome to the Next Level.

AVOCADO FRIES! and PRETZEL BURGERS! Did that get your attention? Because they really are quite a fascinating treat. SO, this is the final installment of my Favorite Places in LA ~ as sponsored by the All-New 2011 Kia Sportage (Thank you, Kia!)… which is kind of sad, since there are so many more i could share with you, but the weather and timing have been a bit against us the last few weeks! So i’ve been showing you things i really end up doing (even with the raininess we’ve been having on and off) ~ but maybe i’ll keep it going… it’s made me far more conscious of the things i take for granted near home that i seldom write about!

3 Square Café + Bakery
1121 Abbot Kinney
Venice, CA 90291
310-399-6504 (P)

So for today’s installment ~ take a peek inside the deliciousness of 3 Square Café + Bakery ~ i strongly suggest the avocado fries, mint lemonade (its like a super minty non-alcoholic mojito), and the sampler… the presentation is just adorable and perfectly matching the 3 Square logo as you’ll see! Nothing like sitting outside on the patio enjoying the woody decor, adorable dogs walking by, and a mini Shrimp Grilled Cheese, Pretzel bread burger, and Ceviche in a shot sized bread bowl! Take a peek at it all on the next page!

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See? Mini Shrimp Grilled Cheese, Pretzel bread burger, and Ceviche in a shot sized bread bowl! Isn’t the plating adorable? 3sq3.jpg


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5 Notes

OMG Avocado Fries!

----- Robert 30.10.10 16:18

looks like a awesome place

----- Erin 28.10.10 08:35

I did not know about this place, will definitely go. I love that type of place, cafe/pastries/bakery. In the same style, Le Pain Quotidien is worth going. Different locations all over L.A, bakery and communal table concept, a different menu everyday with exquisite meals presentation, using the best ingredients, and of course their bread and pastries are to die for.

----- eve Politanoff 27.10.10 13:40

That looks amazing, unique, and delicious. I would love to have place or to like that here in Kelowna BC. We have some great restaurants don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I just feel a lack of creativity.

----- John Holman 27.10.10 13:10

Stumbled onto this place on my first visit to L.A. Wow! I had the sampler up top and it was amazing. And the avocado fries were even better than I expected.

----- Chris 27.10.10 07:34

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