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A Drinking Tour of LA

This isn’t your average drinking tour of LA… as a native its come to my attention that i might quite possibly take the abundance of designer water available for granted. It is simply a way of life. Our new NOTCOT Intern, Caroline Freedman ran around town today to give you a rundown of what’s on our shelves, and keeping us hydrated during this bizarrely humid heatwave. Water is water in a designer bottle that makes you want to buy it, drink it, treasure it, and then buy another. Do you have a favorite? Show us some we missed?

And readers - she wants to make you happy. So give me some feedback here ~ this NYU girl is ready to run around LA and find you the designer goods to make you drool over - but we need some direction - what are YOU interested in? What do you think of her roundup below?

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Artsy Bong Vodka

While the imagery both on and of these bottles takes your breathe away, click the pic and listen to the music of the brilliant Tycho on their site. (The site is also more good eye candy for your overheated Monday ~ heatwave here in cali is unbearable). Spirit of the Brand is taking the ability of Vodka to creatively inspire to new levels by giving artists the chance to have their artwork decorating these gorgeous bottles, as well as the box and a tshirt. The four premiere bottle artists for the Spirit of the Brand program are OGI (Ogigraphics.com), YOSOH (yosoh.com), Jason Thielke (jasonthielke.com) and Matthew Curry (ninjacruise.net). [also might remember ISO50/Tycho from here]

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Rock Beer Mug

It is not often you find a mug that will age with you and evolve itself into a handle that only your grip can make… nor have i seem many objects that evoke a clean japanese porcelain style while bringing out your inner Flinstone….. yabadabadoo? “This beer mug is instantly comical with the blunt placement of its stone handle. It references a time when man fashioned together natural materials to create useful tools. This object is substantial to hold and incredibly efficient as a mug. Note: Shape of stone may vary.” via MightyGoods.

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Ora Ito Ogo

Hey ID kids, any one else notice the familiarity of this OGO bottle? This oxygen water has been hitting all the big sites, and then the comments about how your body has lungs for oxygen, why try making your stomach deal with it pop up. But as designers… its all about the BOTTLE. It was designed back in 2003 by imfamous Parisian Ora Ito Studio. Somehow realizing that i can sleep better now… i knew something about OGO was bothering me. (and no not just the flashy sound mandatory OGO website)

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Blooming teas

I honestly don’t recall where exactly I found this, been reading SO many sites for freelancing, i admit my mind has been a bit of a jumble the last week. But i saved this over at .org to come back to - so here it is! Isn’t it a beautiful concept? The idea of taking the experience of drinking tea beyond the beauty of the tea pots and cups, the sense of taste and smell - but making to make the tea literally bloom in your cup is like a little dose of performance art.

And the IngenuiTEA is “the most convenient teapot you will find anywhere” - they guarentee it. “When tea is ready, simply place it atop your cup. This will cause a valve at the bottom to release: crystal-clear tea flows down, while the mesh filter retains all the leaves with one of the best infusers on the market.” Not to mention easy to clean, dishwasher AND microwave safe.

In the hectic state my life has reached this week, there’s some calming and soothing about such beautifully designed “experiences”… Adagio Teas.

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Hydrate or Die

Hydrate or Die! Liking this graphic on the new CamelBak spillproof bottle with the “Big Bite Valve” designed with no moving parts, where you simply bite and sip, no need to even tip it. And they say it even fits most cup holders (which is making me wonder if my new car is in need of a new water bottle… hmm.) They claim it won’t spill even if held upside down in the open position! If you’ve tried this, let me know?

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Nalgene Flask

nalgeneflask.jpgResearching water bottle options - just noticed this Nalgene Flask - since when did Nalgene make flasks?!?! Contains 12 ounces (350 ml), one-ounce cap, includes durable insulation sleeve, and prevents plastic taste and odor while being leakproof for traveling.

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Movers & Shakers

shakers-lg.jpgFred makes these fun little pull toy shakers, for when you don’t feel like shaking it yourself, or just to add a little life to your table/meal/etc. This could be great for powdered sugar actually, to get that perfectly snowy look on your french toast. Check them out at Calliope.

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Boda Nova

BodaNova has this new little portable set of cutlery with all your basics - fork, spoon, knife, and bottle opener - not to mention the little carrying case. Perfect for everything fom picnics to streetside ice cream. Designed by Anders Ljungberg - this is another great product of classic swedish design adapting for our ever changing lifestyles.

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Drink Me

Alice in Wonderland fans and Harry Potter fans both have Oxford in common, since much of the inspiration from both directly originated from this educational institution. And the timeless insanity provoked by Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass as well as the mystery behind his relationship with Alice Liddell have fascinated many for years on end… So one of the not to miss little parts of Oxford is the Sheep Shop. This was the little shop that Alice used to go buy her sweets at, and it is said that it was run by an old woman who’s voice used to sound like a sheep. The Sheep Shop in the book was a curio shop where everything you try to look at begins to float away, and the original shop was even used as the model for the first Looking Glass illustrations. Above is the “Drink Me” pendant set i couldn’t resist.

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Sign of Spring

Everywhere here seems to be dripping with tradition and secrets of the past… last pub stop in Oxford was Turf Tavern, a very hidden little hangout that might as well have “local’s only” scribbled in the passageways heading in to it. After the last week of horrid weather and most kids finishing exams, today was the sunniest Sunday of happy people everywhere, and Turf Tavern was the nicest way to spend the afternoon sitting out in the patio. Also how adorable is the label for Stonehenge Ale’s “Sign of Spring” pint of neon green - we had to give it a try, seeing as it was possibly the most perfect spring day i’ve seen here yet.

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PolkaGris Shots

I found these Shots Mint bottles in a little village outside Boras, and it was such a pretty looking gift idea. Love the bottle, and it looks somewhat like baby snakes curled up in the bottoms… but it is infact Polkagris. Basically you add your favorite vodka/liquer or choice, let it sit for an hours, and *poof* minty shots are ready to go! I wonder what this looks like color wise as well - will have to test it out soon. As for the Polkagris, it is like giant sticks of candy cane goodness, but SO much better and in so many different flavors, stopped by the town of Granna on the way to Stockholm and checked out the original Polkagris store - more pics below.

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Swiss Spice

“The Swiss Spice Company is a young and dynamic firm that is internationally active. The manufacture under the label “Made in Switzerland” and the marketing of quality products lie at the core of our business.” This great little salt and pepper shaker is ideal for on-the-go spicing - 6 x 6 cm and 1.7 cm thick. It is robust and even humidity proof. From the country that brought you the swiss army knife, they claim that this was designed with the same amount of thought and precision, and what is most interesting is that it is not only made solely in Switzerland but it utilizes sustainable production - via the Job Factory [an interesting description of how this project helps to give jobs to youth who have trouble finding apprenticeships/etc and have had a rough life]. Also brandable as schwag!

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Origami Beer Labels

Beer label art? This is making reference to the tendency for people to pick at the labels on their beers when nervous. I personally think this is just a great way of always having origami paper handy. No more floppy cranes from napkins. I would love to see some crazy unit origami work with this somehow integrating the bottles instead of just a basic flower fold, but maybe that’s for when you graduate to the hard liquor.

(Another project from Designer’s Block + Lund University, by Clara Lindsten)

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Absolut Ruby Red

Wow the Absolut family sure has grown - they just announced Absolut Ruby Red a few days ago in NY, and it sohuld be available around June. On a more designer note - they always manage to have such incredible graphics - their current Absolut.com interface remines me a lot of Apple’s Front Row and their web slideshows (slick rotation/nice mirrored floor? painfully beautifully clean?) Their music campaign with 11 artists’ tracks and videos you can download are slick - as are the downloads for wallpapers in the “Find Your Flavor” section. - but about the Ruby Red and the ever growing family - it should make for a good Greyhound?

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