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Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka - previously i showed you their brilliant ads (and for all who wondered who the actress is, meet Hafdis Huld - an Icelandic singer/songwriter, and was formally in the dance/ indie band GusGus, check out her adorable vlog). Just as cool as those ads, are the various foil wraps on the bottles - gorgeous vibrant graphic design. Above are my favorite 4 (and more images of the others below). Can’t wait to try the real thing and tell you more.

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TasteSpotting Roundup

TasteSpotting #1225TasteSpotting #1229TasteSpotting #1234TasteSpotting #1265TasteSpotting #1266TasteSpotting #1285TasteSpotting #1288TasteSpotting #1293TasteSpotting #1320TasteSpotting #1325Click the square to find out what it is! Same deal as the .org roundups, except its dinner time PST, so if you happen to still be (over)working and forgot to get food yet, here’s a little something courtesy of the incredible food community at TasteSpotting to whet your appetite, or inspire your inner chef.

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Wedding Pills

You ingest this, so i’m categorizing it food+drink… but really i guess these might be recyclable. As a part of Rituals by Chi Ha Paura - “Wedding Pills, designed by Ted Noten, are golden alternative wedding rings with a traditional inscription with the name of the loved one and the marriage date. They can be taken with a glass of vodka or other beverage. Because of the intimate process these pills undergo a fundamental question is laid bare: are we going to search for it or not, it may provoke the first marriage crisis. And with whom it agrees, the ritual can be repeated after each crisis – a nice reconciliation ritual.” All i can say this late night (been running around non stop in LA for the last two days, and just landed back in SF) - is fights sure can be shitty… maybe conceptually this will give you a visual to make you think twice the next time you’re about to bicker about something with that special someone?

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French Rabbit Wines

Yes, it’s probably hard to imagine yourself drinking wine that doesn’t come from a bottle. I remember when boxed wines came out and they were (and still are) the butt of many jokes. Classic glass bottle = classy and traditional. But with stuff like the Sofia Mini enjoying some success or at least garnering interest from the young and chic set, maybe people are ready for something new. So here’s the environmentally friendly wine label, French Rabbit. Their “vintage-dated wines, the first premium French wines in an eco-friendly Tetra Pakâ„¢ container, are sourced from sustainably farmed vineyards in the sunny Pays d’Oc region of Southern France.”

According to the French Rabbit site, the container takes less energy to produce than a glass bottle, is 100% recyclable, weighs less so it can be shipped more efficiently, and you can also squeeze out air from the container so that the wine lasts longer. Pretty smart!

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Freebase Pancakes

Every now and then, a series of images comes along and just blows your mind. I couldn’t stop laughing, and then just kind of staring amazement at the micro scale “cooking” going on here ~ my friend is calling them Freebase Pancakes. How one even comes up with a concept such as this amazes me. See full set of imagery below. via Random Stuff

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Easter via TasteSpotting

TasteSpotting #743TasteSpotting #849TasteSpotting #896TasteSpotting #950TasteSpotting #1045TasteSpotting #1076TasteSpotting #1088TasteSpotting #1102TasteSpotting #967TasteSpotting #1122
Easter Sunday is around the corner, and there have been so many delicious treats popping up on TasteSpotting, here’s a nice little roundup for anyone short on ideas… click each image to find out more.

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Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka ~ from iceland ~ their ads on youtube have had me in stitches all morning (watch them all below). Her voice and outfit are ADORABLE… in a hilariously cute kind of way… and the black and white sketchy animated world she exists in is just brilliant. And her poignant arguments make me giggle too much this morning. So, while i can’t say anything about how good the vodka is, the ads certainly make me want to try some… gorgeous bottle as well. Check out their website here, its got some pretty woodblock style graphics.

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Sterling Silver Condiments…

I’ve still yet to come to a conclusion on whether casting something in silver makes it really valuable, but i do still love what bittersweets has been doing with cocktail swords and vampire teeth (my unofficial jeweler of choice). However, there is something so playful, yet purchasable about Theo Fennell’s silver for condiments… from Heinz sleeves and caps, to Marmite caps… even a redbull sleeve! And my personal fave the Haagen Daz sleeve! (as well as others, as can been see in the pics and the site).

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Aprons to go out in

Somewhere in the cross section of design, food, and fashion (yes, picture the ven diagram here) ~ you will find APRONS… and they are getting sexier, more playful, and far too cute to wear only in the kitchen now. I’ve shown you the adorable aprons of Jessie Steele before, but check out the latest selection from Anthropologie. So with all the deliciousness to learn to cook on Tastespotting, i think its time i invest in one (or two, or a few?) cooking outfits!

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York Mints + Nicole Miller

Mmmm York Mints… the packaging makes me drool as much as the mints i think… but on the black and white tin… as much as i love the typography of the old school tin, the Nicole Miller black and white is just gorgeous. These are a collaboration between Hersheys and Young Survival Coalition, an organization that unites young women against breast cancer.

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De Lessio Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap and chocolate lovers rejoice! Latest discovery in SF that i’m addicted to… De Lessio’s Bubble Wrap Chocolate. It’s incredible. Addictive. SO SO GOOD. Picked up slabs of the 72% Dark Chocolate with Peet’s Espresso Beans, Bittersweet with Almond and Raisins, and Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter. But visually its fascinating that it really does look like bubble wrap (with deflated bubbles)… the real question is… do they pour their chocolate on bubble wrap? is it some crazy mold? how does it work?

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Doesn’t that adam and eve plate just put a smile on your face? Something about the simplicity of the design, and the vibrant red… and those animals on the kids cups? See more gorgeous graphic design from freshly launched (well fall 06) ~ british design/accessories/wallpaper firm : ISAK by Sandra Isaksson. (via design milk)

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Tastespotting 1 month

For the last month, i’ve never been hungrier, and my cravings have never been more bizarre… and the one thing they all have in common is imagery on tastespotting. So here’s a nice little roundup of some of the deliciousness thats been haunting me and dramatically raising the bar for the food in my life. So go browse, drool, explore, and start cooking even!

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G Pure Orange Blossom

Nothing beats one of those rainy doldrum days quite like an unexpected package waiting outside the door. Especially one quite so SHINY. And actually, when it contains energy drinks, that certainly helps one perk up quite nicely. G Pure Energy and those brilliant VOSS designers sent over this large shiny volume that when opened exposes two of their latest flavor - Orange Blossom. I just chugged the first one while typing and photoshopping this, and it is the best flavored energy drink i’ve tried yet. But then again, i maybe be a bit biased, since i do love a good orange flavored drinks… More images below of the fun packaging as well as some random shots for my rainy day amusement.

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Tastespotting Penthouse

Today is Tastespotting’s 1 month anniversary, and the first of hopefully many exclusive Tastespotting dinners to come. Tonight we descended upon the Penthouse at the Huntley in Santa Monica, and we couldn’t have picked a better night. With such a clear night, the view was absolutely breathtaking… something about being 18 floors up discussing great design, delicious delicacies, and the future of notcot was just surreal. The Penthouse only opened about a week and a half ago, so it was fun to break in a new neighborhood spot even younger than our month old Tastespotting. Quick snapshots below of the aspects of the night that grabbed me most…

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