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Hic Sunt Dracones- 06.03.05

I often find myself assuming you read all of these too… and more, here are links for the bored… an excerpt of relatively dailies, that i attempt not to repost from…

+Reluct.com +IDFuel +we make money not art +MoCoLoco +sensoryimpact.com +Treehugger +design*sponge +Popgadget +Wooster Collective +Josh Rubin +urbanSPY +Preshrunk +Fontleech: The Free Font Blog +Core77 Design News +Design Observer +Future Feeder +artFUTURE +GUERRILLA INNOVATION +cph127 +SHIFT BLOG +Elastico.net +Apartment Therapy +Land+Living +Shiny Shiny +designboom +idgrid [dot] org +MetaEfficient +Sugar ‘N Spicy +Art MoCo +Futurismic +thebaglady.tv +shoewawa.com +Hippy Shopper +The Bag Blog +coolchiq +Purseuing +In My Bag +La Coctelera: Artilugios - Inicio +Neural.it +Veer: The Skinny +GNR8 +Funfurde +I4U News +Caymag +Design is Kinky +The Design Weblog +BE A DESIGN GROUP +Extraordinary Ordinary Guy In Japan +Archinect +Akihabara News +artificial.dk +Doors of Perception:Magazine +collision detection +Eternal Gaze +Cool Tools +LIVEdigitally +networked_performance +Trends +netdiver.net +Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters +Gizmodo +Engadget +gadgetryblog +Autoblog +Ektopia +The Red Ferret Journal +The Gadgeteer +Tech-Digest +gizmag +Boing Boing +Eyebeam reBlog +Bifurcated Rivets +gapingvoid +sexblo.gs +William Gibson +Gridskipper +Lifehacker +Maeda’s SIMPLICITY +game girl advance +Defamer +PSFK +Antipixel | Blog +Memex 1.1 +Mind Hacks +blogdex +Waxy.org +Trendy|DNA +MacNN +iPoding +iPodlounge +MacMinute +Spymac +VersionTracker +macosxhints +The Tao of Mac +AppleInsider +Mac Rumors +Think Secret +iPodMania +Gustomela +xataka +Blogdecine +Gothamist +Shepherd’s Pie +Alternative Energy Blog +craftster.org blog +Cabinet Magazine +MAKE: Blog +ecoblog.it +gustoblog.it +mobileblog.it +melablog.it +Gustav’s Goodies +Journey with Style +GadgetMadness +Urban Decay’s Journal +o c t o p u s d r o p k i c k ! +Crown Dozen +PIXELSURGEON +Drawn! +coolchiq +Closet Therapy +italian culture from italy :|: zoomata +neomarxisme +Ponchorama!!!!!! +LAist +PocketLights.com Blog +dataisnature.com +Karin’s Style Blog +Archived +Hi-ReS! Feed +Inhabitat +[toi.protocol] +bTang reBlog +Pixel y Dixel +mondoPIXEL +Creating Passionate Users +Perspective +podgroup +This Blog Sits at the +MoCo SanFrancisco +MoCo Tokyo +softblog.it +Luxist

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