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PENGUINS!- 06.01.05

marchofthepenguins_poster.jpgGuest post… Leave it to RUGenius to find the one dorky thing in trendy “In Style” magazine. On June 24th, Warner Brothers Independent is releasing “March of the Penguins”. As we all know, penguins are freakishly and obligately monogamous, mating for life. So now you can witness Antarctica in its full and wintry glory and understand why emperor penguins are so intense. Best part, it’s “as told by Morgan Freeman”…hahahaha. You know you want to see it.

Other cool penguin facts…penguins “fly” underwater. They move in masses, constantly trying to stay out of the wind and get inside the huddle. You can actually track large groups of penguins using satellites as they drift miles and miles, just because every individual wants to escape the windchill.

And, while we’re on the promotion of cheesy animal movies. Go see MADAGASCAR. Comes out this weekend. It’s got lemurs, so it MUST be cool. [notcot note: it was amusing, silly, beware of being engulfed by children under 5 at a matinee]

MORE LINKS: Pics of penguins: Duke primate center: Lemur Conservation: p.s. click the image to go watch the trailer.

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haha. thanks. as for madagascar the movie. it was MY LIFE. bronx zoo, grand central, express and local trains to CT, appts with dr. goldberg, san diego zoo, not to mention LEMURS.

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