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A lil’ help?- 06.02.05

notcotwants.jpgAlmost everyday, i share my random inspiration…sorry, i got cold feet on this one, didn’t think anyone really noticed it… but apparently many did notice the “disappearance”… thanks for the feedback! This has become a repository of the things that make me go “hmmmmmmm” or “oooooooo” or “ohhhh”. But i’ve been thinking lately, maybe it could be more? And since i figure you are the one reading it regularly, maybe you should get some say in what you like, don’t like, want more of?

The idea so far has been to keep it all text based, let the images pop off and be all you really need to look at. If you care because the image draws you in, fine, then read it. Otherwise text is almost just background that provides information when you want it. This also started as an experiment in CSS more than a blog… but where should it go now? How do you feel about Advertising?

Google ad’s have been rearranged lately because, well, to be honest need to fund this endeavor a bit… and more importantly they’ve become another form of amusement… you get some really bizarro links off google ads… and on occaision you find something really cool related to whatever it was i posted.

But what about featuring art? on the sides somewhere? like Hanging pictures in a digital “gallery”?

Hanging advertisements? [hand picked naturally, or personally designed and/or customized for it’s being shown here?]

Do you hate the black and white? Or do you RSS all the time anyhow?

Most importantly perhaps… WHO ARE YOU? and what do you like? do? enjoy? It’d be great to find more people like me in taste, or even have more contributions if people wanted.

So anyhow, figured time to start a dialogue, and my curiosity has gotten the best of me regarding what people like and don’t like about the site… i’m even getting inclined to make a drastic move regarding notcot… unless i hear otherwise… perhaps… So many ideas marinating in my mind at the moment.

So email me? notcot-at-gmail-dot-com or leave a comment!

Grazie mille!

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Advertising = Advertising

----- Dill 19.07.07 15:17

I am cool w/ advertisements, whatever keeps NotCot going.

The images are critical - they draw the eye. Text is definately needed and always read when it is something that is interesting.

The subject line is perhaps the *most* critical. Think RSS. For instance, I visit www.airbagindustries.com every once in a while. I love the site design. I think the writing is pretty nice too. The subjects drive me bonkers. The writer has an artsy decision that all entries will have one word subjects. It tells me *nothing* about what I am about to read which can end with me not reading it.

On design - I go to NotCot to read entries - not through RSS. I think the design is distinctive. Eventually though you may want to paint the walls a neutral white to appeal to all crowds.

----- Gnash 05.06.05 19:22

I love notcot. It is the rainbow that brightens my day and pushes the marine layer away. I get to tap into a stream of beautifunktastic imagery and follow whatever ones I fancy (usually all of them) into a world of wonderment. Notcot is like kindergarten, fruit snacks and all.

----- Daniel 04.06.05 22:34

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