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Entrepreneur Magazine- 10.01.07

entrepreneurmag.jpgThe novelty of seeing NOTCOT in print has still yet to wear off. It makes me giddy ~ maybe thats showing my age, but print still has that effect on me. HUGE thanks to Corey who emailed in while i was in Philly that NOTCOT got a tiny mention in the October 2007 issue of Entrepreneur - Rumor Has It section… managed to snag a copy while waiting around for hours at the Philly airport. No i’m not one of their Young Millionaires (yet. at 24, i’m running out of time i suppose though!)… but designer Ren Moulton (seen cozying up with his chew toy) did list us as one of the product blogs he visits! And it was in bold print in a larger font… so as tiny a mention, it’s big in its own literal way.


can click to view this one *slightly* larger…

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Running out of time at 24….. most are still finding their way, you are leading the way. good work.

----- Jau 05.10.07 10:31

I don’t know who you are, and I couldn’t find anywhere else to leave a little commenty goodness, but you are the single most amazing person in the world. You deserve a great big crystal trophy for being you, just because you have created the single most fantastical site in the entire span of existence! I’m thoroughly addicted to everything from the + signs to the diagonal pin stripe backgrounds, to the picture line ups and…. Everything. Period. You’re amazing. Please, please keep being yourself. You rock. I aspire to be like you. PS: If you could google me, you’d find I do NOT often leave such comments as this one. They are rare. I’m not crazy. I’m not a fangirl. I’m… well, I do rant a bit when inspired to do so… but still. Consider yourself admired.

----- Kira 02.10.07 20:15

I don’t wish long visits to the philly airport on anyone.

----- corey 01.10.07 10:32

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