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Senseless Acts of Spraypaint- 11.21.07

notbox3.jpgMy stencil, my spray paint, and i just went to town on a pile of boxes. Because i can! And because i’m a little zoned today after traveling last night then gift guiding till 5am… and there is something so calming and fun about not staring at a screen and spray painting! And if you happen to need boxes for art projects or gifting… just hit up the post office, they’ll fill up your car for you! Spray paint as gift wrap, and reusing the packing materials from the packages i’ve had this year is my way of reusing and wasting less than possible… bottom line really is that snail mail SO beats email. So while i’m not telling you anything about what these boxes are for or what they will be filled with, just wanted to to say ~ get away from your screens and go spray something or make something…




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I’m not really sure if you can use spray paint on boxes when you mail things through USPS. One day when I was waiting in line, the gentleman ahead of me had a box that he spray painted to cover up a couple of labels, and they would not accept it. Shex explained to him that something about the fumes would alarm the airplane pilot or something of that sort. This may not concern you because it’s such a small area, but just FYI.

----- Victoria 24.11.07 08:54

It’s been snowing here all day - your workspace looks like an oasis…

----- Kris 21.11.07 22:22

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