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Socal Fires- 10.22.07

fires07.jpgThe fires in southern california are… I can’t even find the words to describe how i’m feeling right now, but i’ve been trying to keep myself busy and find things to post, edit, read, anything really… and i can’t stop refreshing the google maps, news feeds, twitter feeds, etc. I’m currently in SF, and was supposed to drive back down to LA yesterday, but at my mother’s wishes i’m staying put for now… and it’s almost worse just sitting here watching it all. With so many friends and family in coastal LA and SD areas who have been evacuated, packed, waiting i wish there was more we could do. But for now, since its been hard keeping track of where to go to keep up with the info, here are a few links, and if any readers have more resources, feel free to post them as well.

LA Times google map of the fires
SD Google Maps of the fires
LA Fire Department Email Alerts (you get them in real time when they go out to media)
LAFD’s Twitter version of the alerts
LA County Fire Dept
LA Times breaking news
Sign On San Diego has a live blog

For news resources LAist points to:
CBS2/KCAL9 has multiple live video feeds available here, ABC7 is live here. KNX 1070 is doing a commendable job, with several reporters on duty for over 24 hours straight now. KNX has been broadcasting commercial-free since the fires broke early Sunday. Listen in here. KFWB’s stream is here.

NASA Images of the Malibu situation (these are seen above - the middle two).

From all the NOTCOT kids (we’re all socal natives!) ~ our thoughts go out to everyone dealing with the fires, or with loved ones there. *fingers crossed* that those santa ana winds let up soon.

UPDATED: 10/24/07 ~ more nasa photos ~ click them to see larger



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Wish you all the very best in SoCal.

----- Joanna Schmidt 26.10.07 13:12

I’m very sad for what is happening in California! I hope all of you are okay

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 24.10.07 01:32


Looks like they are doing updates for the crestline/voe area on RimOfTheWorld.net with maps, etc.

----- jean 23.10.07 23:35

i need to know if anyone knows if crestline/voe area has been affected as my family is there and im out of town on business with no way too get a hold of my wife or neighbors if anyone has info please post

----- dennis 23.10.07 21:12

I hope all of you are okay… I knew there were fires but I didn’t know how bad until this post. The whole ordeal has really touched me (it inspired me to write an entire manifesto in my zine…) i can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to see your whole world literally burning down around you…

I hope these fires die down soon and I hope nobody else gets hurt.

----- Dayna 23.10.07 20:25

Keeping my fingers crossed as well! California has not had a good year in terms of fires… My sister was in Lake Tahoe when the flames raged down there.

I hope conditions change so firefighters can make some headway!

Thanks for the links.

----- Megan 23.10.07 10:03

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