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Hector Serrano- 09.17.07

Here’s the latest post from our fav contributor, Anna Corpron of Sub Studio. A HUGE congrats to her and Sean who just got married (hence the quietness from them the last few weeks) and ran off to honeymoon in Vancouver, Whistler, and Victoria. Lucky!

Hector Serrano is an innovative, Spanish product designer who puts a new spin on familiar objects, materials and forms. His work is playful - take the Fan Txt (image after the jump), a reinterpretation of the traditional Spanish fan - often used as a flirtation device - now updated with text messaging capabilities. Like the guy in the corner? Fan yourself and a pre-programmed message will flash for his benefit. The Superpatata (above) looks like a balloon (or water bottle) but functions as a light and also as a pillow/bed warmer.



The Top Secret (above) is a light fixture made from shredded acetate. Besides the obvious play on waste/privacy, we think the lamp mimics a constructed animal nest or insect cocoon. Just like some animals build their nests out of left-behind findings, the shredded acetate lamp is also constructed of discarded fragments.

The illusion of Waterproof’s (below) reflected form in the water’s surface creates the counterpoint to the above-water form, giving the light a nice visual balance. The water’s surface is the threshold between the two worlds, and it appears as if there is another world on the other side.


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