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Bach Coat Hook- 08.16.07

coathooks.jpgIf you recall, i was hunting for coat hooks a few months back for a skinny hallway i didn’t know what else to do with… and since then have found even more options than the initial collage of links (as well as these)… and it seems that Delta Design made a similar collage for their “competing products” section (see image below).

Well to add to that list, check out the new Bach Coat Hooks from Delta Design - The Art of Storage. They are minimalist - modern - and they even have customizable covers for the screws… but MOST importantly, they are designed not to stretch what you hang on them. They’ve also been kind enough to give you guys some coupon codes if you feel like shopping. notcot5 gives $5 off any order over $29 and notcot10 gives $10 off any order over $49 - ok, and i usually try to refrain from such comments, but i can’t help it! Please tell me its not just me, my only draw back from this design is that looking straight on, its kind of phallic? More images below…


It’s not just me is it? (insert *blushing* here if you don’t see it)

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My maiden name it ‘Bach’ so I thought it would be fun to buy some of these for family gifts. My question is……..do they come packaged with the Bach name on them; ‘Bach Hooks’?


----- Pat Resch 23.04.08 15:17

Wowie wow, thanks SO much for the $10 coupon! Now I feel even better about the volume discount I got on 9 phallic symb… I mean, coat hooks!

----- Dew 28.10.07 14:24

I like the concrete lightbulb wall hook I got on Etsy:


Nothing delicate about it and that funky industrial look kicks ass

----- Kyle Reese 17.08.07 10:19

yes it looks kinda phallic, and you didn’t even need to say it.

But the concept is nice, and probably be true since its has an arc-ed design it will distribute the weigh better and it wont stretch as much.

----- Javier 16.08.07 21:50

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