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Dutch Tub- 09.16.07

dutchtubmain.jpgShade Elaine and i popped by the Dwell on Design exhibition yesterday… and honestly it didn’t feel worth the 20$ it would have been each (had Zinc Details not been nice enough to send over a comp code). But this was the highlight of the whole thing. DUTCH TUB! We’ve loved this one since both .org 1190 and .org… and were absolutely giddy to get to see one in person… unfortunately it wasn’t filled, and no fire was warming it… But we did force our way through the crowds to get you some close up shots below.

For those of you unfamiliar with this incredible tub ~ it’s relatively portable… holds about 200 gallons of water that you can fill with a garden hose… and its wood burning! (you fill through the bottom of the coil, and burn wood within it to heat it). AND you can even use a wok on top of that coil ~ talk about getting the most out of your fire. For those interested in what else they didn’t really miss at the Dwell on Design Exhibition, check out the gallery of images we took… it really felt like an even smaller CA|Boom.




From the Dutch Tub site ~ how cool is it the way they transport these things? Just flipping it on the old mercedes cracks me up.

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Just as a side note the AIA architecture tours coincide with the Dwell on Design Conference. I’ve realized that treating the tours as the main event and the Dwell Conference as the side show is more enjoyable. This of course is my opinion… just sharing.

and P.S. Love your blog!

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