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Bahdeebahdu- 10.03.07

badee.jpgI was just going through my images from Philly and i love the way this one turned out… click it to see it larger. Bahdeebahdu. Let’s skip the story of the naming and jump right to the studio… basically this philly studio produces some fascinating lighting pieces out of any/everything you can imagine. The one piece that grabbed me was a work in progress in the workshop in the back (see the images below of how incredibly organized all the found glass is filling the walls of the work space) ~ above you see a chandelier that has been commissioned to hang over a smaller dining room, and it actually began as the original chandelier, only flipped upside down, and now everything from milkshake glasses, dishware, etc are being added on one piece at a time. And the result is a breathtaking array of light.



This is a lighting piece they did for the art collaboration UWISHUNU room at the Westin ~ bathroom piece with wheels, etc. And yes, thats my standing in the bathtub to get the full effect of the crazy shower curtain inside!



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bahdeebahdu is certainly one of philly’s best kept secrets. very nice… :)

----- kevin 11.10.07 13:16

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