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Piegato- 10.02.07

piegato1.jpgPiegato by MRDO Products is the bookshelf both my future studio and past dorm room need. As a “sheet steel rack with a surprisingly high load capacity, this laser cut and powder coated sheet steel” has been kept as simple as possible, allowing for YOU to choose which you use as shelves and which as magnetic boards. All you need are two screws to hold it up - it bends easily by hand - and comes in one flat sheet! It weighs in at a light 8kg, and is 100cm x 66cm x 2cm. Comes in black, white, and gold. I even love that they have a little video of it from unboxing to filling the shelves. We’ve seen quite a few sheet steel bending products coming through, but so far this one is the first i actually would love a few of.



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That’s pretty incredible. New meaning to flat pack.

----- jackson 02.10.07 20:07

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