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Aromatherapy Interventions- 09.15.07

intervention.jpgTherapy. Can i really get it from a candle? If so, please do the world of NOTCOT a favor and send the above ones over, and it might be a whole new world over here! Aromatherapy Interventions - As i’m sure you’ve already guessed… i like their colors, packaging, icons, and cheeky descriptions… also check out some of the ones coming up for Winter 2008 below… as well as the Codependent one (two wicks!)… and for all of us Web 2.0 kids, there is even a Version 2.0 - “You have the latest version of everything. This candle may be all the upgrade you need.” I seriously doubt that, but it amuses me none the less this Saturday morning.


I really just love that the codependent one has two wicks - although as Shade Elaine says…. “it’ll burn out twice as fast”.

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Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

----- Dog training 23.11.07 03:51

“Quick Fix: Cheaper than a sports car, more spiritual than a bottle of jack. “

hahah, pretty funny. But I don’t have enough patience to burn through a whole candle to experience the benefit of one of these. I would rather slam a vitawater down that corresponds to my situation. More of an instant gratification.

----- Rob Poitas 15.09.07 11:50

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