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ICFF in May- 03.23.07

NY! ICFF! May 19-22 ~ i finally put aside much travel planning procrastination, and booked flights and hotels, so for everyone that’s been asking, i’ll be there! Any tips on things that i must see, attend, find, eat? leave a note!


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i am coming to your event this friday and i am just wondering if my puppy could come with…she stays in her bag an she is quiet…i am also curious about what do u do? just make random art?

----- Kao Lin 15.05.07 09:37

I wanted to know more about your siteing…if i could send shop PR from the Karim Rashid Shop’s new products for your incredible blog!!?
We are having an ICFF pary here in New York ect.



----- Hola 29.04.07 12:08

Do not the furniture! Besides that, see everything, and go for the free food first.

----- eskimo 25.03.07 01:21

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