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NOTCOT.ORG #033- 01.20.07

NOTCOT.ORG has come a long way, been good fun, and we’re still growing and trying to figure out where to take it… do you love it as a place to over indulge in design/inspiration daily? do you want a resource? do you want to search by color? shape? theme?

It’s come to my attention that some people don’t quite “get” the difference between the two sites (notcot.com and notcot.org) so for quick clarification… think of it as two different filtration levels… with all that designer goodness in the world, first level of filtration is NOTCOT.ORG that gives you quick visual tasters with a blurb to help you out, and you can click to see more. NOTCOT.com is more magazine/feature style filtration… focusing in tighter on things we love that you will probably see on or from NOTCOT.ORG as well. NOTCOT.ORG is for user contributions ~ group bulletin board of sorts where we would normally stick inspiring magazine pages and such…

As for why i’m late this week on the roundup (and even then decided to post my favorite row of the week) - i up and drove to SF yesterday, and then proceeded to not stop until 2am, got a few hours of sleep, then was up and at it all day today as well between meetings and such, but don’t worry, i’ll be back on top of things tomorrow, and there is a lot of exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks!


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