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NOTCOT.ORG #037 - vids- 02.20.07

Welcome back after the gorgeous long weekend… to all you stateside kids. I’ve decided to do my .org roundups still weekly, but more of a whenever i feel inspired to do one as themes pop up. And this week there has been so many great videos i get lost in… if notcot has a tv channel, this is the type of stuff you’d be watching… So as you sit at your desk and need some inspiration to sit back and zone out too:

- 3135:: Pleix’s Birds :: what feels like dogs on trampolines in slomo with Vitalic in the background… i can’t stop watching this one.

- 3173:: Pes’ Human Skateboard Ad :: Mesmerizing… and you must check out all of his other shorts and ads as well, i particularly recommend the Roof Sex and the Making of Roof Sex.

- 3169:: Ok Go’s Do What You Want Video :: Banksy’s elephant stunt meets crazy Ok Go fast paced tune is a sure waker upper.

- 3158:: Guinness’ Hands :: You can even cut and paste your own video… it will make you look at your hands differently for at least a few minutes.

- 3192:: Podlove :: It really is a few shorts about life, love, and the technology that effects them… especially “i love like blood”.

- 3112:: Rabbids Don’t Date :: Rayman’s Rabbids are the BEST game ever on the Wii especially… and their animated shorts are pure brilliance. If this doesn’t make you smile, i worry for you.


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