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Want a Wii?- 03.05.07

We love the wii here at notcot ~ the whole team has one pretty much… well we’ve randomly picked up 5 at targets luckily, so decided to share one with a lucky reader. All .org readers know we’ve been closely following the great design, UI, and innovative games and wii ready sites like wiiminder, wiitoob, wiihear, etc. And our favorite game/animations lately… Rayman’s Rabbids!

Additionally, i’m sure you’ve noticed the ad spaces i’ve been slowly adding to .com and .org ~ its been a really hard decision on my part, but the last year of running the sites has been so fun, i’m excited to move closer to making NOTCOT my full time gig (i still do a lot of UX/design consulting). The ad spaces aren’t perfect yet, and design wise been trying to work them in nicely, but don’t be surprised to see them evolve quite a bit on both in the upcoming weeks… have ideas on how the layouts might work better? lets hear them!

SO. What does this mean? and how to win the wii? Federated Media needs another survey to be run to get us more innovative/creative ads… so ~ basically fill out the survey here… and in the comments section (bottom of the survey), leave your email address (and if you’re feeling nice, what you love about the wii?), and the winner will be contacted Friday!

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yay for wii!

----- Rory Reiff 09.03.07 15:07

please please im on my nees may i have a wii. all my freinds have one and the games are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- skylar 09.03.07 04:39

Good luck on your transition. I especially enjoy having a resource like notcot.org for inspiration when I’m working and welcome anything that will allow it to grow. Thank you.

----- Richie 08.03.07 13:15

me liky

----- zoie 08.03.07 10:43

yay! I want a wii!

----- Will 08.03.07 01:33

I would like to have the Wii! ;-)

----- Jan 06.03.07 03:52

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