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A weekend in the life of…- 01.23.07

The last few days (between the Tastespotting launch and having adventures in SF) ~ my head has been stuck in the more theoretical side of design and where the web is heading… also in food. [Did you SEE the frito pie and the Hollywood on a cupcake???]

So while delving deeply into the potentials and ramifications that come with social networks, social shopping, and the flipside - privacy and editorial layers, and how to strike a perfect balance between them all while embracing user contributed content models… i’ve found myself radar-ing a lot. So up there are a few sneak peeks into my world this weekend as seen by my radar friends… from my dollar fifty “FRICTION POWERED” SPACE RAZER ~ new no laptop signage ~ tastespotting as seen on my wii ~ shade elaine and i watercoloring web design ~ plastic martinellis ~ gorgeous views ~ and caramel shots…

So just to throw it out there ~ what is your take on public vs private on the web? social vs exclusive? how differently do you act when on display… or knowing that all you say is google/youtubed? And is there any interest in joining a NOTCOT secret society? maybe starting via mobile pics/vids on radar? Shade Elaine and i were kicking around the idea ~ curious if there’s any interest ~


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