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Valentine’s 2007- 02.14.07

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ also happy first .org roundup since i’ve missed the last two? It’s been 36 weeks of .org! and week 4 of Tastespotting already!

So in lieu of a proper roundup, or even a massive roundup to make up for it ~ here’s a V-day roundup, since seldom will you see this much pink, red, and hearts on NOTCOT. Love/Hate cards, Free Vday Photoshop Brushes (no this should NOT count as your present to that special someone), Heart and Arrow Necklace, Kahlua infused heart shaped brownie ice cream sandwiches, glossy red raspberry ganache filled, opulent white choc coated hearts in gorgeous signature circular Pierre Marcolini boxes, and last but not least heart shaped plum cakes waiting patiently for the oven.

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