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NOTCOT Buttons!- 04.26.07

USA, 2 for you + 2 to share, $5:

International, 2 for you + 2 to share, $6:

Yes, these are all over my floor right now. The package from Busy Beaver showed up, i tore it open, poured them out, and can’t stop grinning. There is something extremely fun and satisfying about seeing NOTCOT on all these little 1” buttons. (And it probably helps that i’ve always wanted to bulk order buttons, but never knew what to put on them!) So please excuse me for being a little slow on the posting yesterday and today… between the pins, figuring out hosting, and cleaning/rearranging to make space for the new couches showing up tomorrow - been a little behind! BUT - back to the buttons… not sure what to do with them yet, perhaps Shade Elaine and i will make cute sets you can order cheaply, or start a flickr group to see where they end up, or just leave them in bars, or hand them out randomly at an art show…. ideas? (there will surely be a follow up post soon once we figure this out)


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UPDATED: 10.29.07
Perhaps our youngest fan yet ~ Adrianni! She’s barely 2 months old, and already sporting the NOTCOT buttons! (Also ~ she’s the daughter of our awesome advertising manager!)

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Thay arrived really fast, and once I received and realized how lovely they are I needed to order another “2 for you + 2 to share pack” right the way. And this second one arrived even faster. (=

I’m glad to buy from Notcot and I’m glad to buy from Notcot again. ;]


----- Felipe Albuquerque 23.06.10 15:45

Just got the buttons in the mail, and it kind of made my day. I liked how the package looked like it came from someone’s house (which… it did?). Love this site. It’s practically hemorrhaging inspiration. And I’m definitely gonna give my other two buttons to someone else who’ll appreciate them =D. Cheers!

----- Sam G 04.02.09 19:43

i have had this address in my bookmarks bar for a while, but recently rediscovered the joys of notcot. i find i can explore for hours (just what i need), and every new link leads me to new inspiration. sorry to gush, but i LOVE this site.

----- knappster 30.01.09 11:24

I can’t wait to get them!

----- wesley yendrys 27.01.09 12:29

Seeing them dumped out of the bag on the floor like that…is it wrong that I want to roll in them? :D

----- CJ 25.11.08 10:47

i want some 4 free! i promise 2 tell everyone!!

----- ooScribbles 17.11.08 13:56

Is there any chance I could get 4 logos rather than 2 pairs? It’s not that I don’t like the face, it’s just that they’re for 4 different people to rep to the fullest.

----- Sol 17.10.08 19:28

Woud love one all the way here in the Middle East ! & I would wear ir proudly !..Mariana. Beirut,Lebanon

----- Mariana Wehbe 29.09.08 23:57

drool* I love NOTCOT!

----- kaun 18.05.08 01:41

back to the buttons… not sure what to do with them yet, perhaps…

----- katia 29.04.08 01:49

Love the site. It’s an inspiration. If there are any buttons left, I’m gonna get me some. Have you thought of designing a different button every year? It would make for an awesome collection.

----- Lisa 13.04.08 00:27

I had a bunch of buttons made at Busy Beaver myself, and had a ball giving ‘em away. I’m ordering more!

----- hillel 06.02.08 06:37

So glad you all enjoy the Not Cot buttons! Taking photos of button-wearers sounds like a neat idea for the site. Happy New Year!

----- Busy Beaver 31.12.07 09:33

I love the buttons and I love the site… This is a regular stop in the inspiration gathering process… Keep it up.

----- Elliot 02.12.07 08:43

I got mine last week!! I love them. So awesome, just like this site. Thank you so much. :)

----- Megan 11.10.07 12:12

got minez :)

----- evanz 21.07.07 17:32

Do you still have some?

----- Cosmin 22.06.07 06:43

so i forgot i had a paypal account. and now it has 41 cents left in it. im glad it covered the cost of these buttons. ordering them goes a long way toward improving my friday. im counting down three hours left until the weekend…

----- matthew harrison smith 08.06.07 12:41

i need.

----- Rubinho 01.06.07 13:20

Oh Great! Notcot is my site No1! i check it so much more as my Mail. :D

Ordered a Int. Set :P

From Switzerland, Zöttel

----- Zöttel 26.05.07 03:38

beautiful i want some for me and my daughter, this is the coolest site ive found so far, well done!!

----- hugotorres 16.05.07 03:01


----- Bruce Tunno 10.05.07 15:34

I just woke up and checked my mail, and what did I see… A nice package from NOTCOT, specialy Airmail delivery, all the way from the USA. Ow boy, you should have seen the smile on my face…

I proudly wear two of these on my bag, the other two I give to a dear friend of mine…

Many thanks Jean, love you and NOTCOT!

Dennis van Lith (The Netherlands)

----- Dennis van Lith 09.05.07 06:23


Ordered a set :)

----- mutare 04.05.07 05:31

I’ll take two, one of each!

----- Alan Eagle 01.05.07 05:29

already ordered a set.. can’t wait.

what’s next though? bumper stickers?

----- NYW 30.04.07 15:37

cant wait to buy em! they look fresh!

----- sleepy ed 29.04.07 17:37

Please let me know if you decide to sell these. I’m a huge fan of the site and keep spreading the word to any one who is a devotee of clever design and wonderful stuff. as soon as I put a links page on my site you’ll be there. Keep up the fantastic work.

----- jon Everitt 29.04.07 13:14

Andy Pierce gets my vote too.. Go for it!! Send some over to sunny little Singapore too :)

----- shu 29.04.07 09:34

I’d definitely buy one if it was like one dollar.

----- David 29.04.07 01:38

I want one soooooo badly!!! I’m totally addicted to buttons, please send me a couple!

----- ematoma 28.04.07 20:43

I’d love to get some of this. I’ve only recently found out about notcot, but I’m fairly addicted to your site. :P
Keep it going!

from Costa Rica,
Juan Cubillo

----- Juan Cubillo 28.04.07 12:29

I love Andy Pierce’s idea and it has “My Vote” (plus, I’d definitely participate in that to get such an awesome NOTCOT button).

----- Iko 27.04.07 21:18

I’ve got an idea: call the buttons “art” and sell them for $5000 each.

----- Amit 27.04.07 15:13

If I had a bunch of buttons, I’d stick them onto clothing in thrift/department/whatever stores.

Very nice, I’d like some :)

----- Erika 27.04.07 12:27

Gimme, gimme, gimme.
I check NOTCOT as often as i check my mail. I’d wear one with pride.


----- Benz 27.04.07 12:02

Use them to spread the brand to the believers first, they’ll wear them with pride. I think it’s a great site, I’m recommending it to those who I think would enjoy it. If you mail them to people vs. handing them out you would start to collect addresses that in turn become mailing list. That might get an advertiser interested in helping with the cost, I’m sure many viewers would be happy to pay for them but free is always better, If your not sure about collecting addresses for marketing purposes, Ask people if they want to be included or excluded and abide by there response.

----- Bill 27.04.07 11:12

plz! i need notcot paraphernalia

----- matthew 27.04.07 09:17

I’d buy some too. Let me Know how :)

----- JC 27.04.07 08:16

Here’s my idea for the buttons: Give out the badges in pairs to as many people as you can. They have to photograph themselves wearing the pair of 1” buttons, post the photo on a flickr group and then hand the pair of buttons onto new people, who photograph and post to the flickr group. It would be cool to see how many varied shots of people you get. You then make 1” buttons out of the photos of the people wearing the buttons and spread them around in the same fashion, posting photos to the flickr group. You then makes 1” buttons out the photos of the people wearing the 1” buttons of the people wearing notcot 1” buttons. You get my idea.

Russ Tucker has sent a leather waistcoat viral in the Viral Waistcoat Experiment. I’m sure you can do it with 1” buttons.

----- andy pearce 27.04.07 06:47

I would kill to get one of those…


----- Dennis van Lith 27.04.07 05:28

Send one to Scotland!

----- Dan 27.04.07 05:01

I want one!!!

----- evasèe 27.04.07 04:11

I want to buy some too! so lovely…

----- rowline 27.04.07 03:49

beautiful i want one :)

----- Vania 27.04.07 03:37

i want one!

----- esotericsean 27.04.07 01:01

I want one , :D

----- aYomy 27.04.07 00:27

oh oh oh yes please!!!!!!!

----- Lee in OZ 26.04.07 23:09

oooooohhhH!!! I want!

----- Jes 26.04.07 23:04

So cute!!!
I want one!!!!!

----- Sara - Piperita 26.04.07 22:54

Congratz!!! I want one :)

----- Erik 26.04.07 21:27

what kind of couches did you get?

----- Sam S. 26.04.07 21:01

I’ll totally buy some, I am hopelessly addicted to notcot and 1 inch badges!

----- corey 26.04.07 21:00

I’d buy some. :)

----- Larry 26.04.07 20:47

Oh my. They are beautiful! I want a few! (:

----- Tony 26.04.07 20:13


----- Johanna 26.04.07 19:09

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