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NOTCOUTURE- 05.30.07

Shhhhh. This is still kind of a secret, but we need your help. So, NOTCOT.org you see our love of all things design/tech/gorgeous… and TasteSpotting feeds our addiction (because, we all need to eat! and no reason for it not to look delicious)… naturally our other obsession that didn’t always fit perfectly in the other two are for our fashion/beauty indulgences. And we have quite a few!

…. so here’s NOTCouture. And we need your help - we’re working through some bugs (as in trying to find and squash them), we’re working through the style and feel we want there (so far its all stuff we’re loving and wanting), and i guess i’m just nervous about fully launching it yet… so just sharing with readers first! Love to hear your thoughts… and you can credit the gorgeous design to Shade Elaine, this one’s all her! [oh, and it functions just like the others… but not help/guidelines/etc up yet]


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You’re trying to bring me into debt, fatten me up and turn me into a recluse, aren’t you?

----- Stelli 15.06.07 01:46

Looks great, another good extension of the brand. I agree that it would be nice to have a common log in across the sites. Rob Poitras has some great suggestions above. I don’t know if your current backend allows all of that, but there is one CMS I use that can do all of that.

As a side note, what did you decide to do with hosting? Did you move or stay with dreamhost?

----- Jonah 01.06.07 12:29

another gorgeous place for me to get lost. lives up to its indulgent label. fyi: found tastespotting, and hence notcot and now this, via stumble

----- mo 01.06.07 07:49

A couple suggestions:

When registering what is the point of the bio and home page link? I don’t see the link or bio listed on the notcot.org/username post listing.

Universal login/username would be nice for finding my own posts across the all 3 sites and also if I like the style of someone else I can find what they are posting on other sites.

Or on the notcot.org/username page, show a result of links to my notcouture and tastespotting food posts.

Central site with all of the posts all mixed together. It could be sorted by date? or popularity? also clicks?

When posting the description, have a larger font because it is hard to distinguish coma/periods and other punctuation marks.

Have the option for a global search instead of just for that one site you are on.

Otherwise everything feels good and my submissions went through fine (that I know of). I am looking forward to what people have to show off.

----- Rob Poitras 31.05.07 15:50

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! I love the fact I can “troll” for all kinds of different, way cool things without wading through site after site. It’s like shopping for the ADD-afflicted! LOVE IT!

----- shel 31.05.07 14:08

so i definitely turned in my senior thesis four days late, in part because of all the procrastinating i did on notcot… it’s a good thing i’m graduated now and have all my evenings free to browse this new wonder!

----- erin 30.05.07 20:50

keep it to 3 column.

----- Felix Ng 30.05.07 18:15

I may have jumped the gun, but I know this will be totally awesome, so I created a Livejournal.com feed for it here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/notcouture/

----- rose 30.05.07 16:31

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