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Web Design Index 7- 06.17.07

I’m absolutely giddy ~ just picked up a copy of the new Web Design Index 7 from Pepin Press, and we’re in it! Close ups below!





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Hello, i need your help, can you tell me if my company is featured in this book? im trying to confirm this fact so i can order some copies of it.

My company is djnr.net and some of the websites that should be there are davidjosue.com luisvzz.net and marcelotrevino.com thanks in advance dude!

----- jenaro diaz 22.10.07 18:50

And thanks a lot Jean for confirming that I’m on page 169. I need to find myself a copy of this.

----- Simon Wiffen 22.06.07 00:48

Congratulations!! You guys deserve it!!

----- Mike 20.06.07 10:58

Awesome Jean! I agree 100% with Joe. =)

----- LEO 19.06.07 04:30

Hello !
I’m just below you :)

----- thomas 19.06.07 02:42

Nice! ‘Grats to you both!

----- The Slapster 18.06.07 20:26

Congratulations! It’s well-deserved!

----- Joe 18.06.07 06:59

I’m on page 45 ^^


my mom is so proud :D ahaha

----- duli*du 18.06.07 06:59

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