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ORG Roundup- 06.22.07

NOTCOT.org #4845NOTCOT.org #4841NOTCOT.org #4835NOTCOT.org #4825NOTCOT.org #4823NOTCOT.org #4821NOTCOT.org #4801NOTCOT.org #4782NOTCOT.org #4770NOTCOT.org #4744Click the images to see more! It’s been a while since i’ve done some of these, been a bit wrapped up bouncing between LA and SF lately… and getting things ready with NotCouture - much like TasteSpotting there is so much i’m learning and desperately craving from the wealth of incredible submissions people have been finding. So i’ll definitely try to make these visual roundups more regular, but there is SO much showing up on NOTCOT.org daily, i have a terribly hard time picking what to display here as well! (*Hint hint* ~ if you haven’t already, bookmark it! make it your homepage! etc. and feel free to contribute great finds you think we’ve missed!)


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