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Reactee- 06.01.07

YES - you can text my shirt. There are social networks online - then there is good old fashioned face to face networking. And then there is everything in between… latest comes from Textmarks + Revl Industries - the fashion house that brings you Headline Shirts, Gytha Mander, Revl - there are now Reactees… combining the genius of your tshirt as your billboard and text messaging. Someone can now stand right in front of you and get a message from your shirt via text - and you don’t have to say a thing.

Ok, but in all seriousness ~ imagine the possibilities… at a club, conference, televised sports game… you can leave notes to strangers (you can textmessage and update the automated response at anytime) and future friends. You can give people a way to contact you without knowing your phone number, and you can call/text them back once they request the Reactee shirt’s automated message.

I stopped by the Revl Industries HQ earlier today to pick up my shirt you see above ~ and conceptually it’s fascinating… for a mere 20$ you basically get a magic code people can text and get a message from you (yes you could update this like you do twitter) AND a shirt. You could even print this code on business cards, put it on away messages,… get creative. Additionally these guys know quality and are as anal as we are about making things look gorgeous (and they are also sticklers for comfort and as eco friendly as possible)… more below! and images of their studio.


As someone who’s dabbled with shirt printing ~ i know that its not easy to get things perfect. And between making screens, printing multiple colors, sizing patterns for various size shirts… there are a lot of factors that can go wrong, and much of it isn’t all that technologically advanced - especially when you are making shirts where each one is unique. SO, you’ve got to admire the set up that the boys at Reactee have been working on where every color combination has been carefully selected for maximum contrast and aesthetic pleasure, and technologically they are working with what looks and functions much like an epson printer on steroids (i got a sneak peak at this contraption, but wasn’t allowed to share pics yet) where you feed in shirts on palettes and it makes as many passes as you choose to get the ink colors and weight just right.




So what are people putting on Reactees?

Here’s a sneak peak of their showroom and other lines… remember we showed off Headline tees before?


Ok - so a quick aside - i’ve been playing with TextMarks a bit - and they are the text engine behind all of this… and if you wanted, you can actually register keywords for free at TextMarks and have the same services minus the gorgeously printed tshirt. OR, if you’re feeling a cheap or crafty, you could sign up for a keyword on TextMarks and grab a sharpie and a blank shirt? Also - you can manage your account fully at TextMarks even when created on Reactees.

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My suggestions is just don’t consider on board the negative comments that other make by understanding it is her problem not yours.

----- smokeless cigarettes 24.12.10 04:12

Nice idea!!! Ireally like the posibilities
Next week I´m gonna go to Sónar. If you like, I can send you some videos and pics about music, technologic hardware demos, expos and many more from this marvellous festival. And of course pics of my NOTCOT buttons and maybe, you´ll can create a little gallery. We´´ll stay in contact!

See ya!

----- evasèe 04.06.07 09:20

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