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.ORG Roundup- 04.23.07

NOTCOT.org #3925NOTCOT.org #3919NOTCOT.org #3910NOTCOT.org #3864NOTCOT.org #3964NOTCOT.org #3962NOTCOT.org #3961NOTCOT.org #3954NOTCOT.org #3944NOTCOT.org #3973Click each little square to find out more! You have no idea how hard it is to pick 10 great posts from NOTCOT.org each time i try to do these… There are constantly too many inspiring and brain tickling posts that all of you contribute (and if you haven’t been contributing, but find things you think are even cooler than what you see on the site, why aren’t you?) Seriously, if you haven’t tested it out yet, NOTCOT.org and TasteSpotting are our pet projects that we have tried to make as EASY as possible (except for the part where you need to pick a picture - BUT we autocrop and scale it!) - all you need is an image, link, and a quick caption to make us want to see what it is.


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