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enjoy_large.jpgAs far as late night mini posts go, just needed to share this quote from the side of this gift box i recieved from RUGenius…

Enjoy: it is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. [Charles Haddon Spurgeon]

This Enjoy set by Neal’s Yard Remedies of Covent Garden London, contains Soothing Bath Oil 100ml, Jasmine Enriching Cream 20g, Elderflower Hand Softener 20g, and Comfrey & Mallow Foot Balm 20g… all of their products are all natural, and it is one of my favorite indulgences whenever i wander over to that side of the pond. You can always recognize their products by their signature blue glass bottles and that old style tree emblem.

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Time is on my side

jaeger_romanelli_watch.jpg If you know me, you know how much I love scissors. They hold a personal significance, and remind me of something I should never forget. With the arrival of the new year, I also need to be reminded not to waste time, and what better way to combine those two than with this awesome Jaeger-LeCoultre & Dr. Romanelli watch?

From the Jager-LeCoultre & Dr Romanelli site:
Two very different strands of style culture have intertwined to invent a modern classic. Opening the year of celebrations around the seventy-fifth birthday of perhaps the most well-known watch of all time—the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso—L.A.-based ‘cult customiser’ Dr Romanelli has collaborated with the esteemed Swiss watchmakers Jaeger-LeCoultre to produce two exclusive versions of the timepiece with the famous rotating case.

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The designers at FWIS have some fun stuff going on. I used to have a fascination with book covers, well i still do, but not to the same level… These guys have a great Book Covers site, which to my delight has a few i’ve looked at and considered noteworthy covers in bookstore passings. Additionally they also design some great shirts via Squarewolf, my two favorites shown here being the evolved world wildlife federation logo, and the bell curve shirt (of course the bell curve shirt is a bit ironic, seeing as for someone to understand the shirt they too are probably in the arrow section of the curve)

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Cargo Holidays

Cargo Cosmetics has some interesting ideas this holiday season… gift cards and tags with lip gloss samples built into them where all proceeds are donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. They have also launched their new Color Cards, single use credit card sized portions of eye shadow colors packaged in a simple tin, perfect for purses and wallets. Purchase at Sephora

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Rob a Bank

skimask.jpgkittystole.pngAh, Emily the Strange. Ok wait, before you pass any judgement, these two pieces just made my night for some reason. I can’t imagine robbing a bank in anything else… she’s changed the way i will forever see ski masks… and that kitty stole. It’s just so cute, in a ridiculously amusing way. So it needed to be put up.

[please note: now that i have said this. i will never follow through with robbing a bank in this mask. So if someone does it. it wasn’t me. i’d have to find something better, and then resist the need to share it with you guys =P wow i’m getting deliriously tired tonight.]

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Woody Clutch

ceroclutch.pngClutch. Sleek. Modern. Like a furniture piece thats part of your outfit. Handcrafted in Brooklyn. They are “committed to the creation of simple, elegant designs whose beauty is magnified by the inherent qualities of the natural materials” Also a large selection of gorgeous woody bracelets and trays available in various thicknesses and materials. Cero Design. I love the design, and this clutch is something definitely gift material for that eco sensitive design conscious person in your life. (ok yes. i want one. =P )

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Om Gnome

omgnome.pngOm. Found this great little company at last weeks Fashion Co-op. Picked up a great Alternative Apparel sheer kelly green tee with the signature Om Gnome on, that i’ve been living out of the last week, and it just raises my spirits every time. He’s just so chill. And relaxed. And eminates that “everything always works out” vibe… just go with the flow? Definitely looking forward to seeing their upcoming line of Gnome yoga and active wear.

NOTA BENE for all NOTCOT readers :: They will be exhibiting at this Sunday’s ThreadShow in San Diego at Balboa Park, which should shape up to be a fun filled day of shopping, art, music, and hopefully gorgeous weather (and the perfect christmas shopping spot?) Anyhow, i guess i’m trying to say it’d be fun to meet readers/design enthusiasts/new people, so drop me an email if you’ll be there.

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Bikini Season

It’s been a heatwave throughout Socal lately, and definitely gorgeous beach weather… not to mention some of the most breath taking sunsets of my life (and i live for sunsets, grew up by the beach, and travelled the tropics regularly… so i’m talking seriously impressive sunsets!)… and these bikinis by Nicolita are just adorably hot. I’m especially loving the cut on the bottoms of the red ones “…her scrunch bunch bottoms are reversible with a ‘heart shaped fit’!”… not to mention the “Carmen off the shoulder top features adjustable ties to enhance the U-Shaped Neckline.” Also love the style of the photography by Dimitri Newman… playful and classic.

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Little Dumplings

Pagliei designed a line of Little Dumplings, the perfect gift for the foodie/carb loving charm loving person in your life?

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Nice. THINK TWICE… before you spend? Where better a place to have that message? Also love their website interface… =) its like those click pens where the text rotates, something amusingly playful about it.

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Bumble and Bumble Xmas

Bumble and Bumble have the BEST hair products, and some great graphic and webdesign, i admire their clean line of products and visually stunning imagery. Loving these holiday giftboxes, a fun gorgeous box of styling/hair products to create Big Hair, Glamour, Texture, Updos and more…

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Owls of Wisdom

owlnecklace_med.jpgIt is pretty, but different. It just tickles my fancy this strange very exhausting night. At only 25$ i’m not sure why i haven’t just bought it yet. It is sterling silver on a flat tigereye gem on a sterling chain. Nice one good bumblebee

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Heart and Cross Bones

HEARTBONESYGOLD_DETAIL.jpgThis encompasses my feelings on love right now Well and i’m usually more of a silver kind of girl, but with all the dualities in this necklace, i’d wear it happily anyways. Subtle, but edgy. Love it to death tonight… happy Dia De Los Muertos… Anyone have links to a main site for Juliana Eshaya’s other pieces beyond the 28k series at Ron Herman?

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ISO 50

I’m exhausted tonight. Much energy and effort going towards Charles&Marie, so go check them out. But last night and today i’ve fallen for ISO50 and his music as Tycho… chill and fun and got me through the busy-ness. But take a look at some of the great poster prints and shirts available!

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All New Air Jordan

Elizabethtown shook my world the other night, was in quite a mood, and with a friend got bored and went to see that flick, unknowing that it begins with such a tragic $1 billion failure by a product designer working for 8 years on one shoe for an Oregon “shoe company” (can we say Nike)… but that aside…

I was excited to recieve an email from Michael diTullo who is a footwear designer for the Brand Jordan division of Nike… Take a look at this new Air Jordan DJ Bag (incase he and you did not know, i have somewhat of an inexplicable obsession for bags)… which he and fellow designer Alan Strak designed for the “Rare Air” line. The bag holds an impressive 45 records as well as a laptop, and has pockets specially designed for needle boxes, headphones, and ipods. Brilliant. Their attention to details is also a major turn on, including the elephant print and micro perf leathers, custom brushed metal hardware, and vintage Jordan logos. Look for this bag in April for $180.

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