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RVL7 - prefab t-shirt bar

revl71.jpgRVL7 - “REVEL SEVEN”. Revel means “to celebrate” - the 7 comes from “24/7”. RVL7 has been created to celebrate living a sustainable lifestyle 24/7.”

Discovered RVL7 in the Eco-Lands of Outsde Lands - amongst the standard white tents, it was refreshing to see this pre-fab woody oasis of a t-shirt bar filled with stickers, buttons, and gorgeous graphic organic tees… see the pictures on the next page to see some of my favorite designs, and the experience within!

Unfortunately the RVL7 site doesn’t have a store, gallery, etc etc etc up yet, but hopefully coming soon!

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NotCouture Jewelry & Coats/Jackets

manual output_top_15_roundup_08-24-08.jpg

Jewelry seemed to be the main theme this week on NotCouture. There’s a crazy Jaeger-LeCoultre watch that doubles as a keyless entry for the Aston Martin DBS (how James Bond!). And the other mini-theme seemed to be coats and jackets as we’re about to transition into Autumn (how is summer almost over??). If jewelry and coats aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of other stuff to check out at NotCouture, and of course keep sharing your cool finds with us!

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Ultimate Accessories: Swims

swimsinf.jpgClick HereNOTCOT Note: This is the final post in my series of Ultimate Accessories posts which have been sponsored by the new Infiniti G Sedan! As with any sponsored content ~ these posts are done - my way - my product choices, my content, and they help me keep doing what i love!

Swims. I’ve shown you the Swims line before ~ and even a hands on review in the rain… but i never had a chance to share how amazing the umbrella and men’s models are. So a few quick notes - when we spontaneously took off into the woods in vermont from our NY trip, we only had our nicer shoes… and both men’s and women’s shoes saved us! Even when we ran across the stream behind the log cabin. And the umbrellas - so nice that they both open and close with the push of a button! It certainly spoils you quickly when running in and out of so many down pours! Read more about Swims!

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NotCouture Guys’ Roundup

notcouture #2549 notcouture #2552 notcouture #2518 notcouture #2547 notcouture #2526 notcouture #2537 notcouture #2543 notcouture #2529 notcouture #2522 notcouture #2539

I’m so happy that we are getting more posts about men’s clothing on NotCouture! That means we get to see great designs from an area that we (mostly girls here on the NOTCOT team still!) probably wouldn’t get to see on our usual internet shopping/browsing/perusing sessions. So here’s a quick roundup of some stuff for guys that have popped up this past week. Seems like plaid is popular for Fall (though I don’t think it’s ever been unpopular…), and you can get acquainted with the latest collaboration (H&M + Comme des Garçons) that I’m actually pretty interested in checking out. Keep posting, guys!

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Ultimate Accessories: Missoni Swimwear

missoni.jpgClick HereNOTCOT Note: This is the seventh in my series of Ultimate Accessories posts which have been sponsored by the new Infiniti G Sedan! As with any sponsored content ~ these posts are done - my way - my product choices, my content, and they help me keep doing what i love!

The summer is still going strong, and the weather has been absolutely amazing, i love the warm summer night sitting outside listening to nature all around you, watching the stars, as a bat buzzes by your head… so anyhow, writing a series of ultimate accessories wouldn’t be complete without a perfect bikini and coverup ~ so my latest lust object is this refreshingly green Missoni Columbia Halter Bikini and the Missoni Corinto Silk Kaftan. Now if only someone would gift me the set with a big floppy beach hat, some fun sunglasses - and i’d grab my kindle and be off to lay outside and get some good afk time!

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NotCouture Shoes & Bags Roundup

notcouture #2463 notcouture #2459 notcouture #2472 notcouture #2458 notcouture #2508 notcouture #2485 notcouture #2510 notcouture #2500 notcouture #2499 notcouture #2501 notcouture #2503 notcouture #2473 notcouture #2509 notcouture #2493 notcouture #2512

There were a good amount of shoes popping up on NotCouture this week.. Or maybe it just seemed that way because I’m currently on a quest for shoes. And of course, we need bags to go with our shoes, so here are some interesting ones that were posted. I especially liked the accordion-like bag from Samsonite Black Label!

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Inhabitots + Teething Bling

inhabitots1.jpgBabies everywhere! Or i’m apparently reaching that age where i have found myself constantly baby shopping for friends suddenly… So is it any surprise that Jill Fehrenbacher, of Inhabitat, in the midst of her pregnancy has launched Inhabitots, the latest addition to the Inhabitat family? Also, the new logo for the calm blue site is an adorable Owl with child! While many of the products there are right up our alley (and have shown up on NOTCOT previously) ~ they are eco-friendly, clean and modern… and my latest discovery on Inhabitots to add to the backup list for new-parent shopping is what is a bit scarily called “Teething Bling” by Smart Mom Jewelry. If you pick the subtler hues, its not a bad necklace/bangle, and the nice thing is, it’s completely safe for your child to teeth on, and saves your usual jewelry from the nibble marks. My only worry is… will this help condition your baby to think its ok to chew on jewelry in the long run?

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Daphna Simon Jewelry

daphna-simon.jpgDaphna Simon’s Jewelery has a gorgeous, naturally inspired, yet edgy look and feel ~ and i love her use of the wood and her perched leopard, grizzly, and wolf on her rings.

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NotCouture Strip Down/Cover Up Roundup

notcouture #2419 notcouture #2424 notcouture #2421 notcouture #2425 notcouture #2406 notcouture #2387 notcouture #2393 notcouture #2409 notcouture #2412 notcouture #2426

This week’s NotCouture roundup was mainly inspired by mirrormirror’s post about Acne launching a collection of men’s underwear, then noticing that some Fall items like jackets and hoodies were trickling in, and that was an amusing contrast. I went on a search for some cool underwear for the guys but either the selection is pretty limited (if that’s the case, I feel sorry for guys!) or I just don’t know where to look for it..? But it wasn’t hard to find pretty pieces for the girls from favorite labels like VPL and The Lake and Stars. So whether you’re stripping down or covering up, feel free to share what you’re wearing (or wish you were wearing)!

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Modern Amusement/Women’s Autumn ‘08 Collection


Modern Amusement is finally coming out with a Women’s collection for Autumn ‘08, and I didn’t even have to see the lookbook to know that I’d be really into the clothes. I’ve liked Modern Amusement’s guys’ collection for awhile now. It’s one of those labels that is the epitome of SoCal for me… the perfect blend of casualness and sophistication (like say, 60/40 casual/sophisticated). I love the dark colors with pops of color and white, the sheer fabric, and all those pleats and pintucks! The women’s collection will be available in stores beginning August 15th and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. More looks after the jump!

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Pratima Ayurvedic Skincare

pratima1.jpgWhile dropping something off for Andy at A+R in venice, i popped next door to Vert, the “high end luxury retail store specializing in all natural, eco-friendly products” primarily focused on health and beauty. While there, i was drawn to the packaging of the Ayurvedic line, Pratima.

As they showed me each and every product, and explained the process of the products, i was as much intrigued by the experience of each product (from smells to textures) as the packaging and background. Completely natural, ingredients from india, the only spa/clinic in Soho, and Vert is the only one carrying the line outside of the Pratima Spa. The line is also surprisingly affordable. The facial cleansers start out in a sandy, powder which you mix with water. For moisture, you mix a few drops of the liposomes with a few drops of the essential oils and massage it into your skin. Additionally they also have masks, oils for various treatments, body oils, creams, and more. The Anti-Stress Aroma Oil is already doing wonders for my workaholic day! Take a look at the next page for more pics of the packaging and display, as well as some background on Dr. Pratima Raichur, and a peek at Vert!

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Adithread Nano-engraving for All Blacks

adithread.jpgOn fascinating new uses for nanotech-engraving… Adidas has launched adiThread on their “This Is Not A Jersey” site - where supporters of the New Zealand All Blacks team can get closer than ever to the players, and literally come together to form the thread of the jerseys with their names! See stills from the video, and more from the campaign below. Even go add your name to the thread at adiThread!

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NotCouture Bright and Shiny Roundup

notcouture #2341 notcouture #2324 notcouture #2322 notcouture #2340 notcouture #2305 notcouture #2329 notcouture #2327 notcouture #2310 notcouture #2335 notcouture #2319

NotCouture user “smallsociety” posted the crazy sequin covered military hooded jacket in post #2319 and since then I’ve been thinking about how we incorporate bright and shiny things into our wardrobes. In this short NotCouture roundup (it’s short because, honestly, I’m enjoying being completely zombified by a different type of bright, shiny object in my living room.. my new tv) we’ve covered a few of the bases, from jewelry to over the top stuff like an LED lit dress and metallic slip-ons for guys!

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Makr Wallets

0711makr1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s a new post from Anna of Sub-Studio. I’d also like to say congrats to Jason Gregory on Makr, which he coincidentally emailed me about earlier last week ~ the leather line of simple wallets are stunning!

I saw these über-sexy wallets over at Kitsune Noir. Made by Makr, each wallet is laser-etched on leather. They are all limited edition, so you’d better click over there fast if you want one! The wallet patterns are minimal and functional, with little surprise details here and there (detail images after the jump).

The wallets from the One series (above) are super simple in shape and function - a single pocket card holder for cards and folded cash. Maximized for ergonomic comfort, the curves of the opening mimic the natural position of thumb and forefinger. See more on the next page, as well as the full press release and link to the line sheet.

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Indigo Farm Pops Up @ Fred Segal

indigo1.jpgIt’s felt like Friday every day this week! No idea why, perhaps its the weather, or how productive we’ve been suddenly… today’s been quiet because we’ve been busy playing with iphone apps, trying the rather hyped new Anisette Brasserie, finally seeing Wanted (LOVE it - but i’m a sucker for action), and checking out the launch of the new Indigo Farm Pop Up Shop at Fred Segal Man in Santa Monica.

Ok packaging fetish time: the denim in this beautiful 20 piece limited edition collection, and only 50 or 60 units per style, come in engraved wooden boxes. And to top those gorgeous boxes… “For the truly devoted collector, there are also three 3-piece sets of handmade denim luggage, each one including a steamer trunk lined in 100-year-old Asian woodblock printed poplin.” See the close ups of the black and white woodblock print on the next page, i was absolutely taken by these woody/denim steamer trunks.

Next thing i gushed over: the space! “Warhol Factory X Levi’s X Damien Hirst designer Adrian Nyman presents his second installation at Fred Segal Man in Santa Monica, a capsule collection with cult Hong Kong denim brand Indigo Farm, making its U.S. debut here exclusively from July 1st to August 14th.” What does this mean? Much like those steamer trunks, the whole room was denim or wood, from floor to ceiling. The walls were all denim or stacked with firewood, creating a fabulous multifaceted effect. And to add to the ambiance, there was the tattooed rocker of a banjo player, Elijah Trotsky, which was quite mesmerizing. So take a look on the next page to catch up on tonight’s scene…

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